1-7-20 bod minutes
Paleface Ranch Association Board of Directors meeting was held on 1-7-20 at 2302 Improver Rd.  Spicewood, TX 78669
All Board members were in attendance so a quorum was met. Seven residents were also in attendance.
Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved after waiving the reading of those minutes.
Treasurer’s report: Treasurer’s report approved. John motioned, David seconded. Calendar year 2019 to date information was provided as well as 2020 year to date. Overall, we are under budget for 2019.
ACC: Toni Brewer reported there was one new home application, one pool application and one renovation application received since our last meeting. They are still waiting for requested documentation for a new construction application on Tres Coronas.
Road Committee: Bill Paschall reported crack fill throughout the subdivision is completed. A total of 29,000 linear feet cost $14,487. A bid to pour nine curbs was obtained from Teddy at a cost of $9400.
Bill recommends $10,000 be allocated in next year’s budget to cover increase in cost. Future road maintenance plan: chip seal side streets in 2021, crack fill every year, chip seal main roads in 2023.
Unfinished Business: adjacent property. Karl Hancock reported that Mr. Parra, his buyer and our HOA are reaching an agreement – giving our HOA a permanent easement to use the land at the exit side of our entrance where the fence and some landscaping currently exists. We will pay our legal fees and they will pay theirs. There should be no other costs involved.
Cameras – John Martin said he is waiting for ADT to install a different camera to allow better imagery night and day. We still have a balance due but have not yet received the final invoice.
New business: Discussion centered around agenda items for the upcoming HOA annual meeting which
will be held on January 25, 2020 at 12:30 pm. No nominations for board seats were received in the mail so all nominations will have to come from the floor at the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm