1-27-2018 Annual Meeting

Paleface Ranch Association Annual HOA Meeting–Draft, Pending Approval

1-27-18 at One Chapel, 22800 Hwy 71, Spicewood, TX

It was determined a quorum was met with 41 lots represented in person and 14 by proxy.

The meeting was called to order at 12:34 pm

Minutes from the 9-9-17 annual meeting were approved after Nick Granelli motioned to a approve them and Randy Raymond seconded.  Reading of the minutes was waived as everybody had received them by email or via website.

Treasurer report: Chrissy Carr reviewed the 4 page handout. (2018-01-27 -treasurer report annual mtg)  Our investment account generated over $9,140 in interest last year.  We ended year 2017 under budget by $6,739.  The budget was accepted.

ACC Report.  Tony Alvarado reported that in 2017 there were 6 new home applications, 15 other applications (pools, fences, etc)and 4 home constructions completed.  Currently there are 5 homes under construction. (ACC Report 2017-12-31)

Road Maintenance Committee:  Curtis Jeffrey reported that additional crack filling was done in December last year at a cost of $2150.00.  Next years’ road budget allows   $10,000 for road work inclusive of crack filling if needed.

It was discovered that it may cost close to $200,000 to have a right turn lane installed.  The Board declined to pursue that endeavor.

Boat Ramp/Park Committee:  Danna Hancock reported that this new committee has met and they are working on getting bids to cover the cost of heavy equipment to clean up the area.  Once received, they will provide the Board with this information.


CCRs:  Sue reported that we have received about 66 Written Consent Forms.  Out of the 157 lots, 119 approved ballots are required for any one amendment to pass.  Mention was made that two notaries were in attendance for anyone who wanted to submit their form today.

Front Entrance:  Work done last year included mulching the beds, having the fence and front gates painted, the columns repaired and the small stone beds rebuilt. We will plant, or transplant, more plants this Spring.  Volunteers will prune the existing plants.

Boat Ramp:  The void created by erosion under part of the boat ramp is in the process of being corrected.  Rocks have been put in place and we are waiting for a concrete contractor to pour a slurry mix that hardens to concrete into the void area.

When we started the boat ramp parking lot area, we had to put $3900 in a security fund with Travis County.  Now that our project is completed and both Travis County and LCRA have signed off and closed their files, we are entitled to a refund of our money.  We are due $3900 plus interest and we should be receiving it very soon.


Incorporation. Should we incorporate, sign a contract with Briarcliff to be in their ETJ, or do nothing?  A show of hands revealed the vast majority of property owners wanted to do nothing at this point.  Senate Bill 6, recently passed in the Texas legislature Special Session last August, mandates that residents be allowed to vote for or against annexation when another entity wants to annex their property.

Center Turn Lane.  Sue recapped her conversation with TXDOT Public Information Department personnel.  TXDOT has begun the process of installing a center turn lane from the Pedernales River to the Blanco County line.  It will take 4-6 years to complete.  A team is set up but first an environmental study must be done, right-of-way area secured, slope and drain of the road determined and then funding and bids obtained.  It may take two years after that to get the actual road work completed.  Once completed, the road shoulder will be at least 6 feet wide, enough to use as a right turn lane into our subdivision.

The Road Maintenance Committee will look into the possibility of repairing the dip in our driveway entrance at Hwy 71, perhaps using concrete to smooth it out.

MOTION made by John Wray:  To revise the budget to add up to $5,000 to add security cameras at the gate along with appropriate monitoring.  This was seconded by Al Harrison.  After discussion, the motion FAILED with only 20 voting in favor.

MOTION made by Monica Hooge: The Board implement using secret ballots, for in person and proxy voting, at the 2019 board election.  This was seconded by Heather Martinez.  After discussion the motion PASSED unanimously.

The Boat Ramp/Park Committee will investigate a good way to designate proper parking in the lot area to maximize the number of vehicles parking there.

The Board may obtain drawings of suggested parking at the boat ramp as well as at the mailboxes and email to all property owners.

The meeting adjourned at 1:38 pm