1-26-19 Annual HOA Minutes

Held at One Chapel, 22800 Hwy 71, Spicewood, TX 78669

Quorum was met with 47 in person attendees and 30 proxies
Meeting was called to order at 12:39 pm
President Karl Hancock addressed membership with general messages.
Sheila Jenkins made a motion: Limit debate to 3 minutes per person per motion. Luis Martinez seconded.  The motion unanimously passed.

Reading of the prior meeting minutes was waived. Motion was made by Joel Mitchell to approve the minutes.  Bill Paschall seconded. Minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Chrissy Carr presented the report (2019-01-26 Annual Meeting Treasurer Report_Jan 26 2019. Large past due account paid in full.  We lost money in our investment account due to stock market downturn.
Budget: We must have financial audit this year. Extra money was put in the budget for possible repair to the retaining wall as well as repairing low spots and alligator cracking in roads. Danna Hancock made a motion to pass the budget. Gregg Smith seconded. The motion unanimously passed.

Committee Reports
ACC: Robert Fraser reported.  He, Tony Alvarado and Steve Intres are the current ACC members. There are 6 homes under construction now and 2 homes ready for final approval. In 2018, the ACC approved 5 new home constructions and noted there were 5 houses finished. Seven pools were approved along with many fences and outbuildings. To date, there are about 115-120 homes in Paleface Ranch.

RMC: Bill Paschall reported. Sheila Jenkins and Curtis Jeffrey are the other RMC members. This past year we crack filled all of the roads. In the near future more cracks will need to be filled; maybe 12,000 linear feet. In addition, there are some dips and soft spots on some roads. It may cost approximately $1200 per soft spot repair. We may have to reinforce some street corners….mostly right hand turns. The largest alligator cracking
spot is on the front corner of Oscar and Tres Coronas and it might cost $8,000-$12,000 to repair. If the entire corner/intersection is repaired it might cost $17,000 to $18,000. Bids would be obtained prior to any repair.
Diane Wigington made a motion: Add enough money in the budget to allocate up to $18,000 to repair the front intersection of Oscar and Tres Coronas. Toni Brewer seconded. Josh Sheldon amended the motion to increase the budget to $20,000. Danna Hancock seconded. Amendment passed unanimously.
Amended motion is now: Add enough money in the budget to allocate up to $20,000 to repair the front intersection of Oscar and Tres Coronas. The motion as amended passed unanimously.
Boat Ramp: Danna Hancock reported. Amy Fraser and Abbie Shelton are the other committee members. In 2018, volunteers cleaned up the boat ramp and parking area. Two signs will be erected – no trespassing, private property – at the boat ramp. They are getting estimates for repairing the washed out area at the parking lot.

Election of Directors: Two Board positions were open for nominations. The nominees were Sue Bennett, John Martin and Joel Mitchell. Secret ballots were submitted.  John Martin and Sue Bennett were elected.

Old Business:
CCRs: Monica Hooge made a motion: I move to consider any of the 14 CCR amendments, listed on the Written Consent to Adopt form from September 2016, that has not received written acknowledgements from the owners of 75% of the lots and 75% of land area by May 1, 2019, as having failed. Diane Wigington seconded the motion. The motion was passed. Two opposed.
There are 157 lots in Paleface Ranch and 72 Written Consent forms had been submitted prior to today. We need 118 approvals for any one amendment to pass.

Front Entrance: In mid-March a call for volunteers to clean up area, trim plants and plant new flowers and bushes will be made. Last year volunteers gathered a few times to keep the area maintained.

Boat Ramp area – The retaining wall is cracking. Sue Bennett met with the engineer who helped design the wall as well as with two knowledgeable residents to discuss the severity of the cracking and repairing the damage. At this point it is unknown how much damage was done by the floodwaters that rose above the wall and covered the entire parking area. The water level is still a foot higher than the bottom of the wall. We will just have to monitor the cracking and hope the water recedes soon. The riverbed is unstable and could shift even more.

New Business: John Wray suggested putting a camera at the front gate and made a motion: Put in budget up to $2000 to monitor the front gate. John Martin seconded. After much discussion Nancy Lambros made a motion to amend: To raise the budget to $3,000 and to get advice and recommendations from law enforcement. Tim Skergen seconded. This amendment passed.
The original motion as amended passed with 40 votes in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:25 pm