1-25-20 HOA Annual Meeting Minutes

1-25-20 Paleface Ranch Association, Inc. annual meeting minutes:
The meeting was held at One Chapel, 12800 Hwy 71, Spicewood, TX
A quorum was met as 34 members were in attendance and 23 proxies were presented for a total of 57 represented lots.
The meeting was called to order at 12:38 pm
Karl Hancock gave a personal speech and then reviewed Roberts Rules of Order for the meeting.
Sheila Jenkins made a Motion: that anyone who wants to address a motion or express their opinion to a motion is limited to 4 minutes. Danna Hancock seconded. Motion passed.
Minutes of the prior annual meeting were approved; reading of those minutes was waived. Chrissy Carr made a Motion to approve the minutes. Tim Huston seconded. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report: Mindy Smith presented the 2019 calendar year P&L statement as well as year-to-date 2020 financials. Steve Barker: Motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Diane Wigington. Motion passed. (2020 annual mtg treasurer report See report here) A financial review was performed by certified public accountant company Norden & Salinas, PLLC. All receipts and disbursements were accounted for for the 17 month period ending 12-31-18. (2020 Jan Financial Review Report see report here)
Budget for 2020. Heather Martinez: Motion to table the vote on the budget until the end of the meeting. Diana Wigington seconded. Motion passed.
ACC Committee Report: Gregg Smith presented. In the past year, 4 new home applications were received; 4 homes were completed and 5 are currently under construction.
Road Committee Report: Bill Paschall reported. Crack fill was completed this year, more than anticipated was required. Nine concrete curb pours will be done at the intersections where right hand turns have caused wear. (Annual Mtg Jan 2020 Road Report see report here)
Boat Ramp Committee: Danna Hancock reported. Washout where people turn off the road into the parking lot was filled with a concrete strip approximately 50 feet in length. Concrete was also poured at the lower end of the parking lot to widen a small portion of the road. In addition, an area at the end of the wall where it meets the road had been washed out after high water rising and receding. This was also filled with concrete.
Election of Directors: Nominees were: Cindy Clifton, Joel Mitchell, Luis Martinez and Brian Soldato.
Diane Wigington motioned that nominations be closed; Sheila Jenkins seconded. Motion passed.
Cindy Clifton, Joel Mitchell and Luis Martinez were elected as new Board members.
Unfinished Business: Over the past few years an attempt was made to amend our CCRs. We never received the required number of Written Agreements to amend any of the CCRs by mid-May 2019. A motion passed at last year’s meeting required the issue to be closed if enough Agreements were not received. This project is now closed.
Front entrance: Landscaping maintenance was completed. More will be done this year. The original front entrance sign may need to be replaced in the next few years as there is some water damage and the wood is rotting. We’ll keep an eye on it, continue to paint it and keep it in good repair.
Joel Mitchell made a Motion that an annual reserve of $7500 per year for four years be set aside to replace the entrance sign. Diane Wigington seconded. Motion passed.
Camera: A camera has been placed on the sign at the entrance facing the gates. ADT installed the camera and will charge $175 per hour to review footage when requested to do so. We have asked that ADT replace the camera with one that will have better imagery, particularly at night. We are waiting for the replacement and will make a final payment at that time. Any Board member will be the liaison with ADT. If a property owner has an issue on their property and wants ADT to review footage, they may be allowed to arrange that if they agree to pay the fees.
Boat Ramp Area: As the committee member previously reported, concrete was poured in washed out areas: entrance to gravel parking area, at end of wall where it washed out under the road, widen road by the wall. The grassy area was mowed.
New Business: adjacent property. A survey done by Mr. Parra, who owned and was selling the property adjacent to Paleface Ranch, revealed our entrance encroached on the neighboring property. The fence and flower bed on the exit side are actually not on our property. Through the work of attorney Cagle, we now have a boundary easement in the works. The new buyer and any future buyer must abide by the boundary easement. Attorneys for both sides are preparing the paperwork and each side will be responsible for their attorney fees.
John Wray made a Motion: that we create a new budget line item for a community improvement reserve to be used by the Board to complete projects that continue to improve our subdivision. The Board shall solicit input from members, prioritize projects, and implement improvement projects each year. Fund the budget item with $4,000 for 2020. Danna Hancock seconded. Motion failed.
Steve Barker suggested installing a second street light near the mailboxes, facing east, making the entrance more visible when turning into our subdivision from the direction of Marble Falls. Steve Barker: Motion to investigate the cost of putting in a second light at the east side of the entrance. Diane Wigington seconded. John Wray Motion to Amend it to put $2000 in the budget to be used for that purpose if the board approves. Debbie Barker seconded. Amendment passed. Motion passed.
Budget: After much discussion John Wray made a Motion to approve as Mindy Smith stated the amended budget would be after allowing for changes made during the meeting. Sheila Jenkins seconded. Motion passed (budget for 2020 see budget here)
Meeting was adjourned at 2:54 pm