1-23-2021 Annual

PRAI Annual Meeting held via ZOOM on Saturday, January 23, 2021
A quorum was met: 42 signed in and 16 proxy ballots registered

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 12:34 pm
John Martin went over some rules as to how the meeting would be run and how everyone would be recognized.

Sheila Jenkins: made a Motion : I move to limit debate
Matt Skinner seconded
Sheila amended to limit to 3 minutes per issue per person
Cindy Clifton seconded
32 yeas 0 nays
Motion: Limit debate to 3 minutes per issue per person
34 yeas 0 nays

John Martin gave his “state of the neighborhood” statement summarizing what was accomplished over the past year. State_of_the_Neighborhood

Prior Meetng Minutes Motion to approve the 2020 Annual Meeting minutes as t)hey stand.
Chrissy Citzler Carr seconded. Motion approved 100% yeas

Treasurer’s report presented by Cindy Clifton (2021 Annual Meeting Financials & Budget) Proposed Budget were emailed to all members prior to the meeting. The current Balance Sheet will be emailed to all property owners tomorrow.2021-1-23 Balance Sheet

Budget: Chrissy Citzler-Carr Motion to approve budget now; revisit amendments later.
Josh Shelton seconded
97% yeas; 3% nays Motion passed

Architectural Control Committee report: presented by Mindy Smith
6 homes under construction; 1 construction on hold; 1 other project ongoing
3 or 4 homes completed last year

Road Maintenance Committee report presented by Chris Preece.
Crack fill was completed this year by Texas Materials. They underestimated the cost and linear footage so they presented a bill for extra work. The crew came out here three times to finish the crack filling. No warranty was given in writing.
Bill Paschall stated that in the past the same company underbid and then charged a lower fee for additional linear feet when crack filling. All of the roads were looked at for crack fill need.
Chris will contact some engineers to get an idea if chip sealing is required now.
Motion made that we hire a road engineer to review the health of our roads.
Josh Shelton seconded.
Diane Wigington amended the motion to add at a cost of up to $2000
85% yeas; 15% nays Motion approved.
Joel Mitchell made a Motion: End discussion of road committee; seconded by Matt Skinner
91% yeas, 9% nays. Motion approved.

Election of Directors: Sue Bennett, John Martin, Brian Soldado, Teresa Paschall were nominated.

Diane Wigington made Motion to close nominations, Heather Martinez seconded.
100% Yeas
The four nominees introduced themselves. Election Buddy ballot set up and emailed to attendees.
Mindy Smith: Motion to close Election Buddy; Chip Jellison seconded.
100% Motion approved.

37 ballots submitted plus the proxy ballots fulfills the quorum requirement.
New Directors are John Martin and Brian Soldato

Old and Unfinished Business
Mindy Smith made a Motion: I’d like to make a motion to reallocate $10,000 from those overages and combine with the $15,000 for the entrance to start improvement now. (on the entrance sign replacement)
Josh Shelton seconded.
Motion: Mindy Smith to end debate; Josh Shelton seconded.
100 % Motion to end debate approved.
Motion to reallocate $10,000 and combine with $15,000 Zoom vote resulted in a split 50% and 50%. So the motion is moving to Election Buddy
Joel made a Motion to close ballot; seconded by Debbie Barker.
97% yeas 3% nays
Motion result: motion passed

New Business:
Motion: the board forms a temporary committee to evaluate to redesign the front entrance with Mindy Smith as chair. Motion withdrawn.

Heather Martinez made a Motion: The front entrance construction work not be started until property owners can vote at the 2022 annual meeting. Michael Hellrung seconded.
Heather withdrew motion
Heather Martinez: Motion that the construction not begin until the neighborhood can vote on the design at the annual meeting of 2022, Megan Klein seconded.
Megan Klein amended: that contracts not be signed until the neighborhood can vote on the design at the annual meeting of 2022; Debbie Barker seconded.
Yeah 62% Nay 38% Motion amendment withdrawn

Josh Shelton amended the amendment to change the 2022 meeting to a special session; Donna Keel seconded. Motion amendment withdrawn
Josh Shelton made a Motion: The contracts are not signed until a quorum of members can vote at a special meeting or online voting process. Chip Jellison seconded. Amendment passed.

Motion now reads:
Front entrance improvement contracts cannot be signed until quorum of members can vote at a special meeting or online voting process.
Yeas 90% Nays 10% Motion passed

Mindy Smith motioned to adjourn the meeting; Chip Jellison seconded.
100% Yeas

Meeting adjourned 3:58 pm