PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 09-27-07

In attendance: (board members) Mike Hellrung, Gail Finnegan, Bill Paschall, Nancy Platt and Megan Klein; (residents) Ken Thoresen, Bruce Garlick, Gary Scharrer, and Toby Newlin.

The previous meeting’s minutes were reviewed and approved.

The board members elected officers. Mr. Hellrung will serve as president of the board, Mr. Paschall as vice-president, Mrs. Finnegan as treasurer, Mrs. Klein as secretary and Mrs. Platt as member at large.

Mrs. Klein will update the website and the bulletin board at the entrance to the subdivision with contact information for the new board members.

Old Business

Mr. Garlick reported that he had secured a quote from PSI Engineering for $1600 to evaluate the first 1400 feet of Oscar Road at the subdivision entrance where the road is most worn. The quote includes up to six core samples to measure the asphalt base and to evaluate the base and subgrade for materials used and original construction composition. Not included in the quote were recommendations for crack filling or a timeline and description of repairs needed in the long term.

Mr. Paschall will contact PSI to request a quote on a report that will include a long term maintenance schedule and advice on the critical components of bids to perform the suggested repair work. The board authorized an expenditure of up to $3000 for such a report.

The board voted to table the dues increase discussion until after a road maintenance report has been secured.

New Business

Violations: No CCR complaints have been registered with the board.

The Architectural Control Committee reported that there was little activity. Four new homes are under construction.

Mr. Thoresen asked the board whether to seed the entrance with bluebonnets, noting that it is now time to plant. Seed is $15/lb from Turner Seed. The board approved an expenditure of up to $150 for the project.

Mr. Hellrung requested that all board members know how to fix the front gate. He noted that the chain is not in need of replacement, just occasional adjustment. The last link of the chain at the gate end is under the most stress and thus is most likely to fail. Mrs. Finnegan will obtain spare master links. Mr. Hellrung noted that the gate will appear to be “stuck” open when the motor gets too hot. Once it has cooled down, the gate will close once more. The “in” gate is stuck open most often. The gooseneck for the keypad/card reader has been solidly reset in the ground.

Mrs. Platt obtained the spare links for the gate chain.

Mr. Hellrung noted that with the return of water to the river, non-residents have been spotted using the boat ramp. Limited parking space and inconsiderate placement of vehicles and trailers along the ramp have led to a renewed desire to enforce towing of vehicles without a Paleface tag from the ramp. The board reviewed the Assured Towing contract that Mr. Hellrung had available. Mr. Paschall wanted to know if a trip charge would be assessed in the event the vehicle was gone by the time the tow company arrived. Mrs. Klein wanted to be sure any lot owner could call the towing company. The board did not want Assured Towing to patrol the ramp. Mr. Hellrung will fill out the contract for Assured Towing and send it to the board members.

As requested at the annual meeting Mrs. Klein will upload all amendments and the Transfer of Authority from Mr. Levi to the PRAI Board to the website. Mr. Hellrung asked that the bulletin board associated with the website be purged of all messages older than two years.

Mrs. Klein suggested starting a listserv to communicate with lot owners. The board agreed to this and Mr. Newlin suggested an “opt-out” list that would see all subscribed and require action on the recipient’s part only if wanting to unsubscribe. The listserv would be a low volume, one-way list.

Mrs. Platt and Mr. Paschall reported that there were dead trees and brush encroaching upon the boat ramp. A brush clearing party was scheduled for October 21. Mrs. Klein will send a message to all lot owners asking for help.

There is a pile of stone left over from the entrance makeover that Mr. Thoresen will remove. The stone has been designated for the rocking in of the mailboxes. Mrs. Platt and Mr. Hellrung have additional stone to donate to the mailbox project.

One set of mail box keys was transferred from Mr. Thoresen to Mrs. Klein. Mrs. Finnegan will get the other set from Mrs. Keel.

The next board meeting is scheduled for 11/15/07 at 7 p.m. at 23802 Oscar Road.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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