09/11/2010 (Annual)

Annual Meeting of the Paleface Ranch Association 09-11-10

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Paschall. The chair recognized Megan Klein, Secretary. Klein reported 55 of 158 lot owners were in attendance. The chair declared that a quorum had been established.

II. Report of the Approval of the Minutes

Secretary Megan Klein read the minutes from the 2009 Annual Paleface Ranch Association Meeting. Paschall asked for any corrections to the minutes. There were no corrections and the minutes were approved as read.

III. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Gail Finnegan presented the Treasurer’s Report. Paschall stated that the treasurer’s report would be filed for audit.

IV. Budget Review

Finnegan presented the 2011 proposed budget. (See pages 6 & 7)

Member Nancy Lambros reported that an estimate for crack filling the neighborhood roads has come in at $25,000 and is recommended to be done before the end of the year. Member Mike Hellrung asked how much was budgeted for road maintenance for 2009 ($3,000) and 2010 ($80,000) and how much was spent ($0 both years).

Hellrung moved to table the approval of the proposed budget until after the road committee reported. Motion was seconded.


V. President’s Report

President Bill Paschall reported that the board made it a priority in a year of economic uncertainty to be fiscally responsible. Cost overruns for the boat ramp extension were paid with donations. Property owners logged many hours of volunteer labor on the boat ramp extension, entry maintenance, weed kill along roads, maintenance on the entry gate and cleanup of the boat ramp lot. Bill reported that the board authorized a $3000 survey of the boat ramp/park lot pursuant to the formation of the Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee so that any improvements considered would be within the lot boundaries. No lawsuits have been filed and the year has passed with civil discourse and civil resolution of CCR violations and other issues that have arisen. In summary, Bill thanked to 2008-2009 HOA Board for their service to the community and stated that it had been a pleasure serving with them.

  1. Our subdivision entered and almost won the chili cook-off at the 2009 Spicewood Art Society Festival.
  2. There were several thefts in the neighborhood and after reviewing options the majority of votes received wanted no additional security at the neighborhood entrance.
  3. We saw the end of the drought and the river became full, and the river got low again, and the river flooded earlier this week. Please note there is currently a ban on boat traffic on all local lakes.
  4. The tough economic times reached Paleface Ranch with four foreclosures in the neighborhood.
  5. We had several successful work days for cleaning up the entryway, etc.
  6. Additional signs have been posted near the boat ramp.

It has been a relatively quiet year in the neighborhood; thank you very much for being such good neighbors. I have just a few reminders:

  • Dogs must be kept on your property or under your direct control at all times.
  • Respect the property of others and do not trespass; this includes under the power lines.
  • Display your permit for parking down at the boat ramp. One vehicle and trailer were towed in the spring.
  • Per the CCRs, send plans to the ACC before adding structures or other improvements to your property.

I have enjoyed working with the current board members, and appreciate the opportunity to serve you for one more year. I would also like to thank the committee members for volunteering their time to better the neighborhood, and thank everyone who has worked at the entrance, the boat ramp, picked up trash, mowed, applied weed killer along our roads, or volunteered service in any way to the neighborhood.

I would like to see us work even more closely together to reduce each lot owner’s property taxes. Jim Hinton has been very helpful in this area, thank you Jim. The neighborhood taxes are currently reasonable.

We have been very fiscally conservative with investments and spending and we are in good shape with the budget. In order to be prepared for future road expenditures we are proposing a new amendment, which you should have seen by now. We believe this amendment will ensure the availability of funds for what you, the property owners, have said is your highest priority.

VI. Road Committee Report

Lambros gave a brief history of the neighborhood roads. (They were paved in 1995, Tres Coronas Road was slurry sealed in 2005 and Oscar Road was chip sealed in 2008. We try to crack fill every other year.) The life expectancy of roads is 15 to 20 years. Our roads are 15 years old.

Members of the committee met with Ramming Paving. Ramming proposed the following options. Please keep in mind the costs are dated as of the fall of 2010.

  • Crack fill all roads $23,000. Recommendation: every year.
  • Seal coat, which acts as a water membrane, all roads except Oscar Road $72,000. Recommendation: every 2 to 3 years
  • Fog seal, a better type of water membrane than seal coat, all roads except Oscar Road $90,000. Recommendation: every 3 to 5 years.
  • Chip seal all roads except Oscar Road $123,575. Recommendation: every 5 to 10 years.
  • Asphalt overlay, which is 1.5″ new asphalt, on all roads $537,725.

The Road Improvement Committee was unable to meet to discuss the Ramming Paving findings but Lambros recommended:

  1. Crack fill before the end of the year.
  2. Chip seal Tres Coronas Road ($39,230) and fog seal all roads except Oscar Road and Tres Coronas Road ($61,500), in May 2011.
  3. Chip seal side roads in 2015.
  4. In 2020 do another fog or chip seal if the roads hold up.

Paschall stated the report was informational only and with the exception of crack filling this year, the Board will meet and discuss future actions regarding road improvements.

Finnegan adjusted the 2010 estimated/actual figures for Road Maintenance to reflect $25,000 for the crack fill and added an additional $10,000 for Road Maintenance in 2011 to account for increased prices.

Member Ernest Leiss moved to adopt the 2011 proposed budget as adjusted. Motion was seconded.


VII. Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee (BRAIC) Report

Ken Klein reported that two no parking signs have been posted at the base of the boat ramp where a parked vehicle prevents additional access to the area. The Board has considered the possibility of a swinging iron gate to discourage trespassers. Money is being put aside yearly toward the project of increasing the boat ramp parking area.

VIII. Old Business

Hellrung asked if the BRAIC has done anything. Paschall reported that the Association is setting aside money for boat ramp parking expansion but nothing else has been done. Hellrung asked if money has been set aside for 2011. Paschall responded the 2011 budget that was just approved includes $15,000 for the boat ramp area improvement account.

IX. New Business

In October, Stan Roundtree, Residential Dock Safety Coordinator for the LCRA, will begin dock inspections on our area of the Pedernales River. He will be looking for dock safety violations, as outlined in the mandatory Safety Standards for Residential Docks on the Highland Lakes. All docks will be inspected with special attention paid to dilapidated docks and those that are not securely attached to the shoreline. Should a safety violation be found concerning your dock, Stan will post a Notice of Violation on your dock outlining the problem and giving you 30 days to correct it. A notice will also be sent via certified mail.

Paschall read the proposed Fourth Amendment to the CCRs and explained that the purpose of the amendment is to ensure 50% of all annual maintenance charges are dedicated to maintenance of subdivision roads, giving property owners peace of mind that when money is needed for roads it will be available.

Hellrung made a motion for the Board to publish the numbers used to come up with the 50%. The motion was not seconded.


Member Sue Bennett moved to adopt: 50% of PRAI income be set aside for road maintenance in the road maintenance fund. Lambros seconded.

Ernst Leiss moved to amend: At least 50% of PRAI income be set aside for road maintenance in the road maintenance fund.

Board member Mike Natinsky raised a Point of Order stating Main Motion #4 is in conflict with CCRs Article IX Section 9.02


Leiss asks for a straw poll to find out what other members think of the amendment.
Poll results: 53 in favor of the amendment; 3 opposed.

Leiss moves to adopt: A vote for an HOA dues increase be taken at a duly called meeting. Chris Olsen seconded.


Natinsky moves to adopt: The Board obtain costs of paying a company to mow the entrance and neighborhood roads on a regular basis. Nancy Platt seconds.


Hellrung moved to amend: The Board obtain costs of paying a company to mow the entrance and neighborhood roads on a regular basis.



Hellrung moves to adopt: The BRAIC investigate acquiring lot 3A8 (Casebier lot) for possible addition to the existing park. James Stanfield seconded.


X. Election of Officers

Nominated were Toby Newlin, Sue Bennett and Monica Hooge. A Teller Committee was formed with each candidate choosing a member to count votes. Elected were Newlin and Hooge.

XI. Adjourn

Meeting is adjourned.


Bill Pascall, President
Megan Klein, Secretary