09/10/2011 (Annual)

Annual Meeting of the Paleface Ranch Association 09-10-11

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Paschall. The chair recognized Megan Klein, Secretary. Klein reported 64 of 158 lot owners were in attendance. The chair declared that a quorum had been established.

II. Report of the Approval of the Minutes

The minutes were made available to Association members prior to the meeting and copies were distributed at the Annual Meeting. Paschall asked for corrections to the minutes. There were no corrections. The minutes were approved as distributed.

III. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Monica Hooge presented the treasurer’s report. Paschall stated the treasurer’s report would be filed for audit.

IV. Budget Review

Hooge presented the 2012 proposed budget.

Paschall noted that the Texas legislature has passed 18 POA reform bills. The new rules must be integrated into our CCRs and the HOA must document, report and publicize as required. Paschall proposed that $5000 be added to the budget to cover the cost of legal fees to make sure the HOA is compliant with the new laws.

Member Ron Cole moved to amend to budget to add $5000 to cover the cost of legal fees to amend the bylaws and CCRs according to Texas legislature. Motion was seconded.


V. President’s Report

It has been a year; driest on record and hottest summer on record with 80 days over 100 degrees. I am very happy, and very relieved, to report that our subdivision sustained no loss during the recent wildfire. While that disaster was averted, we must all remain vigilant in the prevention of, and prudent response to, this still present danger. If you believe you have smoke or other damage, and are having trouble with your insurance company, contact a public insurance adjuster who will work on your behalf, for a fee.

The legislative session was very active and passed multiple bills regarding Home Owners Associations; these are being integrated into our CCRs and documented, reported and publicized as required and advised by legal council, and will affect not only the board but the Architectural Control Committee. These bills cover payment plans, collections, foreclosures, flags and religious displays, solar energy devices and roofing materials, meetings, elections, records and more.

Restriction violations have been handled with no legal action so far this year; some have taken longer than anticipated to rectify and most were amicable.

While there are many properties in the subdivision for sale, there has been some movement. There is no way to predict what will happen in the housing market. If you have not been able to sell your home, a long-term lease might be an option, as allowed by the CCRs, for people who need to rebuild their homes from the fire. I also urge you to protest your property tax values if you believe they are unfair.

The roadsides have not been mowed due to the very dry conditions. In the past, metal and other foreign objects have been encountered and mown over and these present a spark and fire danger.

Some say that good fences make good neighbors, and there is truth to that. I also believe that good friends make good neighbors and I have used that as my first approach in dealing with issues in our neighborhood. The current board has acted in the best interest of the neighborhood, as a group, and as individuals, to the best of our ability, and I want to thank the board for their many hours of volunteer service.

It has been a privilege to serve you as president this year.

VI. Architectural Control Committee Report

Cody Gibson reported that there is currently one house being built in the subdivision. There was an issue with the well being placed in an easement but that has been resolved. A swimming pool, portable building and water tank have all been submitted to the ACC and approved.

VII. Road Committee Report

Nancy Lambros thanked Steve Hooge and Gary Jenkins for their help on the Road Committee. The committee recommends that all roads be crack filled once per year. In the next month Tres Coronas will be chip sealed at a cost of $62,000.

VIII. Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee (BRAIC) Report

Ken Klein quickly reviewed the boat ramp parking area expansion plans; explaining that the planned changes would increase the parking area from ~5600 sqft. to ~12,000 sqft. He further explained that $15K is being set aside each year to fund the project.

IX. Election of Officers

Three board positions were up for re-election this year; one having been vacated by Mike Natinsky when he sold his property and was no longer a member of the association making him ineligible to serve. Megan Klein, Bill Paschall and Karl Hancock were nominated. All three were elected in an uncontested election.

X. Old Business

Proposed 4th Amendment
Paschall explained that the Proposed 4th Amendment to the CCRs had been brought about because even though there is a proposed budget, three members of the board can spend Association money on anything they believe is an “improvement.” The current board believes there should be more protection for the Association and thus the Proposed 4th Amendment. The amendment would reserve 50% of operating income solely for the maintenance of Association roads. Paschall pointed out that with the new legislative changes aimed at HOAs, the 75% vote required by our CCRs for an amendment would change to 67%.

Member Monica Hooge made a motion that the Board ask the attorney revising the CCRs to propose language that would prevent future boards from spending money not allocated in the current budget without first calling for a special meeting at which the budget must be amended. Member Pat Scippa seconded the motion.


The board was able to secure two quotes for mowing the subdivision roads. Greater Texas Landscapes would mow all internal roads, 6′ off the roadway, and the main entrance area eight times per year for $610.00 per month, plus tax. Pampered Lawns would mow the same area May – October, twice a month, for $650.00 per mow.

Steve Hooge made a motion that the Association pay to have the roads mowed. Florrie Davis seconded the motion.


Steve Hooge made a motion that the Association pay to have the entryway mowed, as needed. Ron Cole seconded the motion.


XI. New Business

Maintenance Fee Increase
Paschall explained that the motive for increasing the dues is road maintenance and the age of the roads. The entry was repaired two years ago at considerable expense and there are other weak spots that will need repair in the coming years.

Member Jim Stanfield made a motion that, based on the fact that we are not in deficit, the Association keep the Annual Maintenance Charge as is. Member Hank Dudley seconded the motion.


Member Mike Hellrung made a motion to allocate $70,000 to the purchase of Lot 1 for a park and emergency egress. The motion did not receive a second.


XII. Adjourn

Meeting is adjourned.


Bill Pascall, President
Megan Klein, Secretary