09/09/2006 (Annual)

Annual Meeting of the Paleface Ranch Association 09-09-06

The meeting was called to order by vice president Toby Newlin. It was established that those in attendance were sufficient to meet a quorum.

The minutes from the last annual meeting were previously distributed. A motion was made to accept the minutes and it was seconded.

Secretary Ken Thoresen presented a preliminary plan for improvements to be made to the front entrance. The basic plan would call for a cover to the mailboxes, removal and alteration of the bulletin board, and planting the west side of the entrance. Other improvements could be made, such as building rock columns around the existing fence posts, depending on the overall cost. Discussion on the improvements followed and some of the main topics included:

  • We should allocate monies to maintain the areas.
  • We should prioritize funds for the eventual road improvement.
  • Several bids should be procured to get the best value.
  • We should change and improve the bulletin board.
  • A more appealing entrance would attract potential buyers.
  • All lot owners should fund the maintenance of the entrance.
  • A comprehensive plan should be developed before improvements begin.
  • The board will determine the final development plan.

The discussion about the entrance improvement was tabled to consider it’s implications on the budget.

Treasurer Donna Keel reviewed the budget. She noted that last year we had many legal expenses but that the outlook for this year was much better. Two budgets were reviewed for the coming year. The first was if the dues remained the same and the second was if the dues were increased. The first budget included ten thousand dollars for entrance improvement and the second included twenty thousand for the improvement. Other budget items remained the same. Part of the budget is for road maintenance and it was noted that this is following a schedule based on research and estimates from several years ago. It was suggested that new research be done so that the estimates for road expenditures be as accurate as possible. Further extension to the boat ramp was suggested but it does not appear there would be any benefit to it as it is now down to the flat river bed. Annexing the roads to the county was suggested but the roads are not to county standard and most residents prefer to keep a gated community.

The proposed dues increase was introduced as it had significant bearing on the above topics. One resident suggested the dues be increased more than the suggested amount. He noted that several other smaller subdivisions have much higher dues and are better able to maintain and beautify their area. He offered to pay up to $1500 for the development of an entrance improvement plan and, if masonry was needed, up to $2000 for masonry labor. Director Bruce Garlick reported that the increase amount was discussed by the board and that the suggested amount seemed to be the most responsible for the community as a whole. Including proxy votes the proposal to increase the dues to $300 per lot per year passed with 71 in favor and 14 against.

A motion was made to accept the proposed budget based on the $300 dues rate. There was discussion to include maintenance expenses in funds devoted to the entrance improvements. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Two board members terms expired. Nominated to serve on the board were Gail Finnegan, Mike Natinsky, Mike Hellrung and Sue Bennett. Mrs. Finnegan and Mr. Hellrung were elected and will serve for two years.

Jim Brown gave an update from the Architectural Control Committee. Two homes are currently under construction with several more in the planning stages. Mr. Brown urged that a site development plan listing all improvements be submitted when submitting plans for building a home. For existing homes that wish to add features such as a pool, a similar plan should be submitted.

Old Business:

Director Bruce Garlick recognized the board and the opposing parties for resolving the recent lawsuit. The issue regarding a resident having three horses remains unresolved but one of the horses is for sale. It was noted that several street signs need to be replaced. Residents Gary Scharrer and Rich Watson will work to replace them.

New Business:

Resident Pam Scippa noted that there will again be a neighborhood Halloween hayride.

Mr. Hellrung suggested purchasing an “Oscar Road” sign to be placed on Highway 71 but there was little support for this. He further suggested that the lights for the Paleface Ranch entrance sign be repaired. Volunteer help will be sought for this repair. It was noted that several wells have gone dry. Lowering the pump and installing a retention tank were suggested. It was noted that Time-Warner cable services should be installed by the end of the year. Improvement to the park area was suggested but it does not appear to be a priority for the near future. Megan Klein will take over management of the paleface ranch website.

The meeting was adjourned by Mr. Newlin.

Resident Nancy Lambros gave a report for the Wildlife Coop. She encouraged residents to join the coop. Those who now have an agriculture tax exemption will loose it if they do not choose to join the coop. To join requires completing a membership form that Ms. Lambros can provide. We currently have about 97 lots representing 84 owners. Ms. Lambros suggested that those who are currently in the Wildlife Coop start to provide the food or water now or at least by the fourth quarter of this year. A bird count was recently completed and a deer count will begin soon. There is a company who will set up and maintain the wildlife support for you. Though there is a fee for this you will save money by keeping your tax exemption. Contact Ms. Lambros or David Wigington for information.

Respectfully submitted
Ken Thoresen, secretary

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