09/08/2012 (Annual)

Annual Meeting of the Paleface Ranch Association 09-08-12

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Paschall at 1:40 p.m. The chair recognized Megan Klein, Secretary. Klein reported 60 of 158 lot owners were in attendance. The chair declared that a quorum had been established.

II. Report of the Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the 2011 Annual HOA Meeting were made available to Association members prior to the meeting and copies were distributed at the 2012 Annual Meeting. Paschall asked for corrections to the minutes. There were no corrections. The minutes were approved as distributed.

III. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Toby Newlin presented the treasurer’s report. Paschall stated the treasurer’s report would be filed for audit.

IV. Budget Review

Newlin presented the 2013 proposed budget.

Member Ernst Leiss moved to approve the proposed 2013 budget as stated; Derek Dollahite seconded the motion.


V. President’s Report

This year was better than last in many ways: wet spring with great wildflowers, occasional rain this summer, fewer days over 100 degrees, no wildfires to date and an updated website! No water in the river seems to be the new normal, and I really don’t like that. Many lots still have dead Juniper (cedar) trees and these remain a fire hazard. Please take action to take out dead trees on your property.

I would like to thank everyone in the neighborhood who has helped out this year, like Tommy Quinn letting me borrow his tractor to mow along Oscar and Ken Klein and Jim Hinton and others for mowing and doing clean up at the boat ramp lot, and Gail Finnegan for helping spray week killer along the roads.

Your board members have been a great asset to our community this year. Monica Hooge helped get the books in order and helped with the year end mailings and accounting before she resigned her position as Treasurer. Toby Newlin took over as Treasurer, secured past financial documents and has ensured insurance coverage and other duties. Megan Klein updated the website, manages the forum and compiles and distributes reporting. Karl Hancock coordinates the entry maintenance and put out a smoldering fire in a large brushpile on a vacant lot at night. All help in many other ways, like incorporating new regulations into reporting, records and procedures. All have given much time and effort to the benefit of our neighborhood; these are just a few highlights. I am thankful for them and for the privilege to work with them.

The chip seal on Tres Coronas has been a drawn out process, as you all know. The first time was unacceptable and, in the redo, they ran out of our gravel and used another color. A homeowner in the subdivision threatened to sue Ramming (and the board) over damage they believed to have been caused by loose gravel hitting their vehicle. Ramming became immediately difficult to deal with; I am trying to obtain a better outcome with them but Ramming was bought by another company and no longer does chip seal in subdivisions. The Road Committee and I are investigating solutions and getting bids on crack fill and other remedies for our roads.

Another event has occurred which I believe does affect your property values. I will read what our attorney sent and that is all I can say about the contents or actions.

Here is a statement you can make at the meeting concerning litigation matters: “Last year, Michael Hellrung sued the Association, Bill Paschall, Toby Newlin, Gail Finnegan, Megan Klein and Nancy Platt in Cause No. C-1-CV-10-008680 in the Travis County Court at Law No. 2. This lawsuit alleged that the Association and the named Board Members had defamed Mr. Hellrung. This lawsuit was non-suited at the beginning of the year, Mr. Hellrung filed a demand letter which was declined, and Mr. and Mrs. Hellrung filed a new lawsuit against the Association and Mr. Paschall, as President of the Association. This new lawsuit is Cause No. D-1-GN-12-000482 in the 126th District Court of Travis County. The Hellrungs later amended their lawsuit to drop the claims against Mr. Paschall in his individual capacity. The Association denies the Hellrungs’ claims and is defending the lawsuit. All documents filed in the lawsuit are public record and anyone wishing to explore this may obtain copies from the district clerk at the Travis County Courthouse.” Beyond this statement, we have to advise you not to discuss the lawsuit. If anyone asks why you cannot discuss it, you can tell them that the Association’s attorney has advised that you not in order the protect confidentiality.

Last year we attempted to pass Amendment #4, that 50% of the Annual Maintenance Charges collected shall be held, managed, invested and expended for the maintenance and repairs of the private streets. We were unsuccessful. In order to protect the assets of our neighborhood, I urge a reconsideration of this Amendment.

All in all, this is a great neighborhood, full of friendly, helpful people. Remember to keep your dogs under control, your 4-wheelers off private property, remove dead trees and abide by the CCRs. Although I have more gray hair, I have tried my best to serve the best interests of the neighborhood in a friendly and reasonable way and appreciate your support.

VI. Architectural Control Committee Report

David Watford reported that four houses have been built in Paleface Ranch this year. Two are complete and two more are in the final stages. A water tank and fence, a pool and a garage/storage building have all been submitted to the ACC and approved.

VII. Road Maintenance Committee Report

Nancy Lambros reported for the Road Maintenance Committee.  The committee contacted four vendors (Rhoades, Cummings, Cox and Lone Star Excavating) about crack filling and chip sealing Paleface Ranch roads.   Three bids were received (Rhoades, Cox and Cummings).

The committee’s recommendation is, first, to crack fill all neighborhood roads this year, at a cost of $11,992.00, using Rhoades.  And, second, to pick one or two cul-de-sacs, probably Performer and Improver, and chip seal them using Cummings.  If we like the work, the committee further recommends the board consider a planned maintenance program with Cummings to chip seal one to two cul-de-sacs a year to make it affordable within our available budget.  We have eight cul-de-sacs in Paleface Ranch.

VIII. Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee (BRAIC) Report

Ken Klein reviewed the boat ramp parking area expansion plans; explaining that the planned changes would increase the parking area from ~5600 sqft. to ~12,000 sqft. He further explained that $15K has been being set aside each year since 2010 to fund the project; with $45,150.00 currently in the account. The types of possible retaining walls were reviewed: vinyl or steel bulkhead or limestone block. The limestone block wall being the least expensive and most aesthetically pleasing.

IX. Election of Officers

Two board positions were up for re-election this year; one having been vacated by Monica Hooge when she resigned as Treasurer late last year. Elaine Gibson, Toby Newlin, Gail Finnegan and Robert Fraser were nominated. Toby Newlin and Gail Finnegan will join the 2012-2013 Board.

X. Old Business

Entry Mowing
Members of the Association last year voted to pay someone to mow the entrance to the subdivision as needed. Mario’s Landscaping now mows our entrance and does light work in the flower beds as requested for $75.00 per visit.

XI. New Business

Dead Cedar Trees
The Board is going to have all the dead cedars cleared from the boat ramp lot. Paschall urged all property owners to remove the dead cedars from their lots as soon as possible as they present an extreme fire hazard.

Gary Scharrer made a motion that the Board contact property owners about removing dead cedars from their lots.

Ernst Leiss moved to amend: The Board contact property owners about removing dead cedars from their lots with information on how to handle the problem. Nancy Lambros seconds the motion, as amended.


Road Maintenance
Nancy Lambros made a motion to spend the existing $35,000 budgeted for road maintenance on crack filling all roads and chip sealing a couple of side streets in the worst shape. John Byington seconded the motion.


Boat Ramp Area Improvement Project
Rita Rogalewski made a motion to have the BRAIC obtain current bids and proceed with the project.

Heather Martinez moved to amend: The BRAIC obtain current bids and proceed with building a limestone retaining wall.

Ken Klein moved to amend: The BRAIC obtain current bids and proceed with building a limestone retaining wall with the total cost not to exceed that in the boat ramp improvement account. David Watford seconded the motion, as amended. Two opposed.


Formal Approval of Budget
Robert Fraser made a motion to table formal approval of the proposed budget until after discussion of committee reports at next year’s meeting.  The motion was seconded.


XII. Adjourn

Meeting is adjourned at 3:45 p.m.


Bill Paschall, President
Megan Klein, Secretary