09/08/2007 (Annual)

Annual Meeting of the Paleface Ranch Association 09-08-07

Prior to the start of the meeting representatives from Time-Warner cable reported on recent progress in installing cable service to Paleface Ranch. Also, Mr. Keel reported on the status of the school district change. As of April 19th Paleface Ranch was accepted into the Lake Travis ISD. The opposition to this move appealed but it was denied on July 20. They can still appeal the dismissal of the case. Currently, both Lake Travis and Marble Falls are providing bus service. In January of ’08 the appraisal of PFR will be done by the Travis County Appraisal District regardless of the outcome of the school issue.

The Meeting was called to order by President Bruce Garlic. It was noted that the members present were near a quorum and that other owners may yet arrive.

The minutes of the ’06 annual meeting were read and approved. The treasures report was reviewed. Approximately thirty-thousand dollars has been placed into a money market account to increase the interest on the held money. We have approximately ninety-eight thousand in assets and our current profit and loss statement shows us to be in the black! The treasures report was approved.

Old Business:

The improvements to the main entrance are now complete. Volunteers were thanked for their efforts and contributions. It was noted that there will be some annual cost to maintain the area.

Mr. Garlick reported on the maintenance of the roads. An updated assessment of the condition of the roads and the projected costs to maintain it has been sought but this is not yet complete. The road from the entrance to the turn at Tres Coronas is in obvious need of repair but the remainder of the roads is in relatively good condition considering their age. It was noted that the roads have been well maintained and that environmental conditions have been favorable in the last few years. Under the old road maintenance plan, a crack fill was scheduled to be completed this year. This maintenance has been delayed until a new conditions and costs report is available. If the projected costs of the road maintenance is higher than anticipated in the old projections an annual dues increase may need to be considered. Several members stressed the importance of the ongoing maintenance of the roads.

Mr. Garlick reported that he has received several complaints regarding dogs in the neighborhood. According to the covenants, dogs must be on a leash or under voice control. It was noted that keeping a dog under voice control would be difficult in some circumstances and that a leash would ensure control, particularly if in a common area. The board has limited means of controlling these violations and the process is slow. Residents can contact the county animal control for more immediate intervention.

Mr. Garlick also noted that “for sale” signs are restricted to one per lot and can not be placed at the front entrance.

The use of the boat ramp has increased with the higher lake water levels. All residents using the boat ramp and parking area must use the identification placard or they are subject to towing. If your placard is damaged contact a board member to get a new one. Mr. Hellrung noted there is a sign at the ramp that displays the towing company’s number if needed. Members are urged to be courteous when using the parking area as space is limited. It was suggested that parking spaces be designated to prevent blocking others in. If the parking area is full some may need to park on Indian Divide Cove. Expanding the ramp parking area was discussed but this would be a considerable expense. Ms. Lambros noted that new residents should be advised that the park/ramp can not be used to build a boat dock and then moved to your property. The parking area is also overgrown and needs a clean up crew. Mr. Hellrung will seek volunteers for this task.

New Business:

Mr. Hellrung reported that all road signs have been mounted but that the Oscars Echo sign has since been knocked down. Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Watson helped in mounting the signs and they have also been very helpful by mowing the road sides.

Mr. Garlick reviewed the newly adopted Architectural Control Committee rules. No development is to occur until a plan is submitted and approved by the ACC. The covenants give the ACC the authority to clarify rules that further the purpose of the ACC to allow enforcement of the covenants. Mr. Taylor, Mr. Brown and Mr. Garlick reviewed the covenants and developed the rules. Members present were given a copy of the rules and they will be posted on the website. The intent of the rules is to more clearly define what a lot owner needs to do prior to building. Though there was disagreement among the board regarding the two-thousand dollar building deposit it is intended to be and incentive to gain compliance with the covenants. The deposit is returned to the owner upon completion of the project if the plan is followed. Mr. Hellrung noted that the board has the final say if there is a dispute. The board will hold the deposit money and any interest gained will be returned to the owner. Members questioned why this was needed and what violations were common problems. Mr. Garlick stressed that it would address any problem area and covering water or propane tanks was given as an example. Members also questioned if there was a particular fine amount or schedule for any particular violation. Mr. Paskel noted the fine would be equivalent to the amount required to remedy the problem. It was noted that the deposit would also be required for significant improvements to existing homes, such as adding a pool, but would not be required for smaller projects such as painting.

The transfer of authority from Mike Levi to the board was clarified and this document will be added to those on the website.

A potential dues increase was discussed. It may be needed if the road assessment costs are higher than anticipated but any increase would be driven only by a clear need. A special meeting may be needed to discuss this and a special assessment could be considered. Mr. Hellrung suggested that an increase seems likely and Mr. Garlick noted that the current dues are relatively low compared to many subdivisions.

Mrs. Keel noted that the board recently passed a resolution that the treasurer will present a profit and loss statement and a check registry at each board meeting.

Elections for three board positions were held. Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Cole, Mrs. Klein, Mr. Paschall, and Mrs. Platt were nominated. Nancy Platt, Megan Klein and Bill Paschall will join Mike Hellrung and Gail Finnegan as your new board of directors.

The meeting adjourned. Mr. Jim Brown presented a proposed amendment to the CCR’s that would increase the minimum size for new homes built in Paleface Ranch. The current minimum size is 1600 square feet of heated and cooled space. The new proposal would increase this to 2400 square feet. Mr. Brown noted that this would result in increased values for everyone in PFR. He noted that most current homes are above that amount. Some members noted possible problems on small narrow lots because of the side setbacks. Other members suggested changing the requirements to 2400 square feet for large lots and 2000 for small lots. More information was requested regarding the size of current homes to then determine how likely the change is to effect future homes. Mr. Brown noted that there are only four or five current homes under 2000 square feet. For this proposal to become effective 75% of owners and land area would need to approve and submit notarized ballots.

Mrs. Lambros reported that the Wildlife exemption is still viable for this year. Currently, 115 lots are participating in the Wildlife management program. Mrs. Lambros urged owners to keep doing their activities such as feeding and providing housing. John Nailor with Plateau can still do these activities for a fee. The deer census and bird survey were done last year. We have about forty bird species and too many bucks compared to the number of does. Mrs. Lambros noted that the lawsuit to keep the wildlife exemption in Travis County was dropped several years ago. However, there is a possibility that we may be able to get this exemption in the future if we keep doing the activities because the new administration in Travis County is considered to be more receptive to a wildlife exemption.

Respectfully submitted
Ken Thoresen, secretary

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