PFR Board meeting minutes 08-22-07

In attendance were all board members and Ms. Bennett, Mr. Newlin, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Scharrer.

The previous meetings minutes were read and approved. The treasures report was reviewed and approved. Mrs. Keel noted $ 30,000 was moved into a money market account. Mr. Hellrung noted that the rate of return on our investment fund is good. Three members still have not paid their annual dues.

Mr. Thoresen reported that the entrance improvements are complete. He suggests budgeting about $200 annually for maintaining the beds (mulch and weed spray) and for occasional new plantings. The $300 previously allocated for mowing should also be included in the budget.

Mr. Garlick reported that the road evaluation is not complete. Because of this the budgeted amount for road repair this year has not been spent. The evaluation is also needed to determine if any increase in dues is required. If dues need to be increased a $100 increase per lot would yield about $16,000 annually. Ms. Bennett noted that members might object to a dues increase if no obvious road repair has been done recently. Board members will communicate as soon as the estimate information is available. Mr. Garlick noted that the money budgeted for road repair this year will likely go toward the evaluation and that this will need to be reflected in this and next year’s budgets.

Mrs. Finnegan reported that she, with help from Mr. Jenkins, has placed gravel around the eroded area on the boat ramp road. She will pursue help from Mr. Natinsky to change the chain on the front gates.

Mr. Garlick noted that the ACC rules are executed and a copy will be posted on the web site. Copies will be available for members at the next annual meeting. Ms. Bennett noted that there may be some objection to the rules. Many residents would have liked to have been “grandfathered” and continued under the old rules. Mr. Taylor noted that is not a part of the new rules. Mr. Hellrung questioned when the building deposits would be returned to the members. Mr. Taylor replied that they should ask the ACC for a certificate of completion and when that is granted their money will be returned.

Mr. Taylor presented a proposal, generated by Mr. Brown, to change the minimum size for houses built in PFR. Currently, the CCR’s require 2,000 sq ft with 1,600 heated and cooled. The new proposal would change the requirement to 2600 total with 2400 heated/cooled. To change this 75% of owners and land area would have to submit a notarized vote. The board could support this and provide a mechanism to promote it but if not it could be pursued by Mr. Brown. Ms. Bennett noted that that owners that have not yet built may complain because the bought the land with the 2000-1600 minimums. Mr. Taylor noted that the CCR’s also contain this means of change which was also in place when they bought. Further, larger homes in the area would likely increase the values for everyone. Mrs. Keel noted that the increasing costs of lots may decrease the likelihood that someone would pay a high price for the lot and then build a small house on it. Mr. Newlin noted his home is less than 2400 sp ft and he would not have liked this change. The board will urge Mr. Brown to present this at the annual meeting.

Ms. Bennett reported that her notary license is about to expire but that she would continue it for PFR convenience if the board wants that. This will be determined after the new board is elected.

The Annual Meeting agenda was discussed. Mr. Garlick will develop it.

Mr. Garlick reported that there have been some reports of dogs apparently loose and behaving aggressively. The board does address the issue with owners but if members seek an immediate intervention they should contact the county dog catcher. Mrs. Keel noted there is a new law, Lillian’s Law, which increases owner responsibility for their dogs. Mr. Hellrung offered to check to see if the Kights have removed the extra horses.

Mrs. Keel and Mr. Hellrung reported that PFR is now officially in Lake Travis ISD as of July 1st. The wildlife exemption will not be effected until next calendar year.

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be at 1:30 on 9-8-07 at the Pedernales Fellowship Church.

Respectfully submitted,
Ken Thoresen, secretary

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