PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 8-19-09

Board Members Toby Newlin, Gail Finnegan, Megan Klein and Nancy Platt were present. President Bill Paschall was out of town. Property owners Robin Newlin, Sue Bennett and Mike Hellrung were also present.

The previous meeting’s minutes were read and approved.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved.

ACC fees were received from James Worley.

Old Business

Gate Controller
Reseating the outgoing gate motor on its cement pad has yet to be done. New bolts and epoxy have been purchased. A hammer drill has been borrowed and Megan will locate a grinder. If Toby and Bill are available this coming weekend, it will be fixed.

Tax Protest
The tax protest meeting is scheduled for September 9, 2009. Gail hopes to reschedule for an earlier date so that she and Bill can both attend.

Watson Lien
Bill Paschall was going to file the lien against the Watson’s for unpaid dues. Gail was unsure whether that had been done. There is a bankruptcy creditors meeting on August 20, 2009 which Gail will attend.

New Business

Weed Killing
Despite the drought the weeds are growing at the roadsides again. Megan and Gail will spray for weeds this coming weekend.

Annual Meeting
Gail and Megan will prep for the annual meeting. Sign-in sheet, agenda, budget, 2010 gate codes and ballots need to be printed. Megan will check with Jim Brown about the LCRA presentation.

The next meeting will be the Annual HOA Membership Meeting on September 12, 2009 at 1:30PM at the Pedernales River Fellowship Church, located at 22800 State Highway 71 in Spicewood, TX.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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