PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 7/20/2015
The meeting was called to order at 7:05p.m.

Board members John Byington, Mindy Smith, and Megan Klein were present. A quorum was achieved. Director Bob Madey did not attend. Vice President Charles Patterson had submitted his resignation and did not attend. Property owners Cody Gibson, Sue Bennett, Monica Hooge, Mike Hellrung, Heather Martinez, Tony Alvarez and Nancy Lambros were in attendance.

The minutes of the May 4 meeting were posted on the Paleface Ranch website ahead of the meeting and were not read at the meeting. John made a motion to approve the minutes; Mindy seconded. The minutes were approved as posted.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

    The center gate was repaired at a cost of $292.00. A battery backup added to the entry gate cost $959.00. A Knox Box at the gate cost $150.00. The Association’s Commercial Liability policy was renewed at a cost of $4697.00, an increase of $36.00 over last year. A property owner delinquent on 2014 dues paid. Five property owners are still delinquent on 2015 dues and second quarter late notices have been sent. $30,000 was moved out of the operating account and into the money market account for the right turn lane.

    ACC Report
    The ACC has approved three new construction applications from Wray (house), Feingersh (house) and Luevano (small shed). Six homes are currently under construction. Construction has been completed on the Hancock and Walker homes and construction deposits have been returned.

    Road Committee Report
    Crack fill is scheduled for the first week of September for Oscar, Performer, Tres Coronas, Successor and Envoy. The rest of the roads were chip sealed in 2014 and do not need crack fill. Rhoades Sealing will patch the pothole near the exit gate. A quote will be forthcoming and submitted to the board. For road maintenance on Oscar, $52,000 will be added to the proposed budget for 2016. Near term budgets need to include planning for Oscar and Tres Coronas maintenance.

    Old Business
    Boat Ramp Parking Expansion Project
    The contractor for the boat ramp expansion was given two weeks to complete the job to specifications. The job has remained incomplete. The contractor has been fired for lack of progress. A new contractor will be found to complete the project, at an estimated cost of $6000 – $7000 (which is the amount not yet spent on the original contract). Completion targeted by the annual meeting.

    Lien on the Webb Property
    A lien has been filed.

    Staining and Cleaning Mailbox Cover
    The mailbox cover has been stained.

    Oak Wilt Sign
    No oak wilt sign yet.

    HOA Management Company
    No further information has been gathered on HOA management companies. John made a motion that this item be dropped from the agenda, Megan seconded, motion approved.

    Gate Battery Backup
    A battery backup has been installed on the entry gate. Its purpose is to ensure that the gate fails in the open position in the event of a power failure.

    Complaint Process
    No complaint forms have been submitted to date. An email was sent to the Association Membership on May 12, 2015 with an explanation about how complaints are to be submitted to the HOA Board. The complaint form is available on the website. Megan will post the instructions on the website. The process remains in place.

    New Business
    Board Member Resignation
    Charles Patterson has submitted his resignation. John made a motion to accept Charles’ resignation and appoint Heather Martinez to serve for the remainder of his term; Mindy seconded. The motion was approved.

    Boat Ramp Signs
    Boat ramp signs, indicating the ramp is private, open only to residents, passes required and trespassing not allowed, will be purchased for the top and bottom of the ramp.

    Boat Ramp Gate
    A quote of $4500.00 has been procured for a solar powered gate with remote and keypad control at the boat ramp. Megan will prepare a proposal for presentation at the Annual Meeting. In the meantime, boat ramp passes are required but towing will not be enforced.

    Dial-Directory at Entry
    Megan will secure a quote for a dial-directory access control at the entry and present a proposal at the annual meeting.

    Knox Box
    A fire department requested Knox Box has been installed at the entry. The Knox Box allows all Travis County EMS vehicles to open the gate using their own special Knox Box key. The two EMS stations that normally service our neighborhood, EMS#2 (Hwy 71) and EMS#3 (Paleface Ranch Road), have both tested their keys. The Travis County Sheriff vehicles use the monthly gate codes.

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:41 p.m.

    The next HOA Board meeting will take place after the annual meeting at a date and time to be determined.