PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 7-11-11

Board members Bill Paschall, Toby Newlin, Monica Hooge and Megan Klein were present.

Megan Klein circulated the previous meeting’s minutes prior to the board meeting. They were not reread. Toby moved to approve the minutes, Monica seconded. The motion passed.

The treasurer’s report was circulated before the meeting. The HOA dues from ’09 are from Presley; dues from ’10 were received with the sale of Watson’s house. A construction deposit of $2000 was received from Barker. Since the last meeting $300 has been received in transfer fees. Gate remotes are selling well.

Old Business

Likeness/Tres Coronas Road Sign
Toby fixed the sign.

Roadside Weed Kill
Megan and Gail sprayed RoundUp on the roadsides.

Road Maintenance
Toby has been in contact with Ramming Paving. Ramming said the crack filling has been completed. Ramming is busy with work for the county but should get to the Tres Coronas chip seal in the next few weeks.

CCR Violations
One of the horses was temporarily removed from the property at 23923 Tres Coronas to bring the animal population into compliance. Once the calf was removed, the horse returned.

The barking dog at 2200 Improver is no longer barking.

Front Entrance Cleanup
The flower beds at the entrance were cleaned up. The gate and fences were painted. Dead trees have been removed. Overgrown trailing rosemary has been removed from the mailbox beds and replaced with vertically growing rosemary which will hopefully require less maintenance.

Presley Lien
Ron Presley owes $100 in late fees for 2009, $400 for 2010, and $350 for 2011. Bill will file a lien against the Presley property.

The tall vegetation at the boat ramp has been mowed. Repair of the “dishing” at the ramp has been put off until the weather cools and/or there is a reason to use the ramp.

The amendment has been added to Google Docs. A spreadsheet documenting progress on signatures is also up there. Board members will split up and contact HOA members for support.

New Business

Gate Bumpers
New rubber bumpers have been purchased for the entry gate. Megan or Toby will take care of attaching them.

Front Entry Masonry Work
The grout in the rock work at the entry is cracking and needs to be repaired. Larry Feingersh volunteered to have the flower box, mailbox cover pillars and gate pillars repaired. Toby will touch base with Larry.

Boat Ramp Sign
The sign at the boat ramp was hung on a single post and has been ripped off by the wind. It needs to be reposted on two posts. We will wait until it’s not so hot and/or there is water in the river. The sign will be stored in Megan’s garage.

Annual Meeting
We need to contact Pedernales River Fellowship Church and reserve a room for the Annual Meeting. Megan will call the church.

The notice of the Annual Meeting needs to be mailed to the Association members. The notice needs to include information about a vote on a Maintenance Charge increase.

The next meeting will take place in October at a place and time to be determined.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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