PFR Board meeting minutes 06-18-07

Four of the board members were present; Mrs. Keel was not in attendance. Mr. Taylor, Mr. Brown, Mr. Scharrer and Mr. and Mrs. Newlin were also in attendance.

The minutes from the prior meeting were read and approved. Mr. Garlick read the treasures report and noted that Mrs. Keel had moved monies into a money market account.

Mr. Thoresen reported that the front entrance is almost complete. Some additional trees were added and some lighting will be added. There was discussion about if the bulletin board should be replaced. Since the materials for it have been purchased and can not be returned it was decided to place a bulletin board over the center mailboxes.

Mr. Garlick reported that a new firm, PSI Engineering, is beginning the road assessment. They will provide us with an updated long term maintenance plan for the roads. This is projected to cost us less than $1500 but it will not include cost estimates. Mrs. Finnegan has worked on the boat ramp road problem and she will contact Mr. Natinsky for assistance. She will also follow up on spraying (roundup) the grass along the road sides. Rich Watson was acknowledged for mowing the road sides recently.

The revised ACC rules (6-18-07) were reviewed. Mr. Taylor noted that the ACC adopts the rules and that they have presented them to the board for the purpose of communication and for back-up authority for the building deposit. Mr. Garlick stated that he feels the deposit is allowable and would be used judiciously. Mr. Taylor added that many home owner associations have had problems and that there is legislation being considered that would limit the use of foreclosure. There would be no real method to hold people to the building guidelines and enforcing the rules. The deposit would be protection for the board and ACC. Mrs. Finnegan requested that interest on the deposit money be returned to the home owner and all agreed. The board treasurer would be responsible for the management of the deposit monies. Mr. Hellrung questioned if this deposit would have prevented prior problems or prevented previous lawsuits. Mr. Garlick felt it would have and Mr. Brown cited a potential problem with a home being built now. Mr. Thoresen recounted his objection to the deposit provision noting that it is not a clarification of the provisions of this document and that any new rules, particularly regarding enforcement, would require membership approval. He noted that enforcement is defined in article 10 and is a function of the board only and it does not include a building deposit. Mr. Garlick noted that both he and Mr. Taylor are attorneys and it is their opinion that the deposit could be adopted by the board. There was much discussion. Mr. Thoresen made a motion to accept the proposed ACC rules (6-18-07) without the deposit. This motion passed unanimously. Mr. Garlick made a motion to accept the rules including the deposit. The motion passed with Mr. Garlick, Mrs. Finnegan and Mr. Hellrung in favor and Mr. Thoresen not in favor.

Mrs. Finnegan reported that the horses on the Kight’s property were a friend’s and she will remove them soon. Mr. Garlick noted that for sale signs are not permitted at the entrance to PFR, only on the for sale property.

The Annual membership meeting is approaching (September) and Mrs. Finnegan will call to reserve the church meeting room.

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be at 7:00 on 8-19 at 1512 Likeness Rd.

Respectfully submitted,
Ken Thoresen, secretary

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