PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 06-11-2012
Board members Bill Paschall, Toby Newlin, Megan Klein and Karl Hancock were present. Property owners Sue Bennett, Debbie Hagood, Ken Klein, Robin Newlin and Luis and Heather Martinez were also present.

Secretary Megan Klein read the previous meeting’s minutes. Toby Newlin made a motion to approve the minutes; Karl Hancock seconded. The minutes were approved.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

The legal fees were for reviewing the CCRs and drawing up and filing the Presley Lien. Ground maintenance item was the purchase of RoundUP for spraying the edges of the road. Two owners still have not paid HOA dues.

Legal fees of $932.00 from the Hellrung lawsuit, paid to Savrick, Schumann, Johnson, McGarr, Kaminski & Shirley and submitted to CNA for reimbursement are not going to be reimbursed by CNA. Nautilus, one of the Association’s insurance carriers, is not going to cover the Hellrung lawsuit.

Property taxes were $185.00 which is down from last year. There have been eight completed property sales so far in 2012.

Bill made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report; Megan seconded. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Old Business
Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee
Ken Klein reported that all the brush and trash collected at the cleanup had been burned.

Road Committee
Nancy Lambros will get quotes on crack filling the subdivision roads.

Formal Ratification of Meeting Minutes
Bill Paschall: The Board has been made aware of accusations that proper notice was not given for the Board Meetings conducted on October 17, 2011 and December 5, 2011.  Although the Board disputes such accusations, to resolve any further dispute concerning the matter, I move to ratify, approve and re-affirm each and every action approved by the Board of Directors at the Annual HOA meetings and HOA Board meetings conducted on and between 9/13/2008 and 4/23/2012, as reflected in the minutes for each such meeting. Toby Newlin seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Old Records on the Amazon Cloud
Bill checked with the lawyers to get their opinion about putting old records, specifically bank statements, on the Amazon cloud. Following their advice, bank records will not be uploaded.

Hellrung Lawsuit
The board has been given discovery by Mr. Hellrung’s attorney. We have answered and are pursuing our legal strategy as advised by our attorney.

New Business
Road Committee Road Report
Nancy Lambros gave a brief recap of the road situation. The chip seal job on Tres Coronas is not up to par. Ramming has done both Oscar and Tres Coronas.  Ideal temperature of chip sealing is 85-90 degrees.  The job was done in October and swept twice to remove loose gravel. Ramming will redo the job in the coming weeks at no additional cost to Paleface Ranch.

Chip seal is an asphalt oil aggregate used on county roads and should last 10 years.  Our roads are 15 years old. The Association had an engineering report done in 2011 – an unbiased opinion as the engineering firm is not in the business of road repair. The report said our subdivision roads are in good shape, needing only continued crack filling and chip seal. The original roads have all been been crack filled as needed.  Only Tres Coronas and Oscar have had chip seal applied.

Crack filling has cost us $0.35/per linear foot.  The roads are going to be due for crack filling again in the fall.  Bill asked Nancy to get several estimates.

The gate makes our roads private.  To allow the county to take them over we’d have to bring them up to current county specifications and that would be cost prohibitive. Asphalt overlay of 1.5 inches has been estimated to cost $537,000.

Nancy will call Scott at Ramming Paving to get a date set for the Tres Coronas chip seal redo job.

McKay Bill for Car Repair
Steven McKay submitted a bill to the Association for car repair, claiming his vehicle had been damaged by the loose gravel on Tres Coronas. The board voted unanimously to reject his claim and not pay it.

Security Concerns
Cindi Sassmanshausen reported hearing shots on Memorial Day weekend, she thought they came from the direction of Oscar Road. Bill said he’d also heard shots but thought they were across the river. The discharge of a firearm with Paleface Ranch is prohibited by our CCRs.

Karen Heesch reported an odd encounter with a man on a bicycle at the subdivision gate where he nearly ran into her vehicle. She reportedly asked his name and what he was doing in the neighborhood and he wouldn’t answer. He took off down Hwy 71 toward Paleface Ranch Road.

Covenant Violations
23510 Oscar Road – There were numerous reports of an aggressive dog chasing runners and cyclists outside the property. The owner was contacted and told the board the dog was visiting. Visiting or not, dogs must be contained.

24120 Oscar Road – A construction project is underway to conceal a visible water tank.

23907 Tres Coronas – A mobile home is being prepped for relocation to the beach. The extensive work will take about three weeks to complete and the vehicle will be removed.

23614 Oscar Road – A large aggressive dog chased a couple walking their dogs up Oscar Road, onto Tres Coronas and up to Oscar’s Echo. The dog jumped up on the back of one of people walking twice. At the intersection of Tres Coronas and Oscar’s Echo, the dog’s owner showed up in a truck to capture it. According to the report the animal’s owner was apparently confrontational and aggressive himself. Bill will not contact the owner about the violation due to an ongoing lawsuit against the Association involving this individual.

The meeting was adjourned.

The next HOA meeting will be August 6, 2012 at Toby Newlin’s home, at 2800 Indian Divide Road, at 7:00 p.m.