PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 5-22-08

All board members were present at the meeting. Homeowners Sue Bennett, Robin and Toby Newlin, Christie Jones and Gary Scharrer were also present.

The previous meeting’s minutes were read and approved.

The treasurer’s report was approved.

One construction deposit has been received for Todd and Colleen Turner’s lot B2, A10.

There are five outstanding dues payments. Gail Finnegan reported that she expected the payments from Hubbell and Nguyen in the next couple weeks. She has been in contact with Webb and D. Watson. Soriano also has not paid. D. Watson is outstanding for two years now. Gail stated she has made several phone calls and sent two letters to D. Watson. Mike suggested a certified letter be sent as a next step.

One transfer fee has been received.

Gail reported that the electric bill for the entryway seems to have leveled off.

Board of Directors liability insurance through United Fire Insurance Group has been paid.

Travis County property taxes for the HOA have increased 564% since ’07. The HOA will be protesting the increase and Gail requested Bill Paschall’s assistance with the protest. Bill stated that he has lots of experience protesting taxes from Burnet County and has been told that Travis County over assesses property, putting the onus of proof of property value on the property owner.

Mike Hellrung made a motion to protest the HOA property tax and it was unanimously approved.

Mike recommended that all Paleface property owners who have seen an increase in their property taxes protest. He stated that if they do not, it will negatively affect those owners who are trying to protest.

Old Business:

Road Maintenance
Road maintenance is currently being done in the subdivision as laid out in the Ramming Paving contract. Chip seal of Oscar Road will be done Friday, May 23. Crack fill will be done the week of May 26, 2008. Payment will be due upon satisfactory completion of work.

Gail asked how the board would like to proceed with payment relative to our multiple accounts. It was decided that the following amounts should be pulled from the following sources: from within the investment account, 12K from Fidelity New Insights, $6500 from Fidelity SunAmerica, 16K from Fidelity High Income, 6K from Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap; 18K from the money market account and 20K from checking.

Money for payment needs to be available last week in May/first week in June.

Bill Paschall suggested that the board plan to set aside $10, 000 – $12,000 per year for road maintenance. According to the road maintenance report from PaveTex, chip sealing Tres Coronas would be the next good action to take. PaveTex indicated chip sealing would extend the life of the road 7 – 10 years.

Covenant Violations:
The number of horses at 1807 Envoy has been reduced to three – still a violation of the CCRs. Mike has spoken to the homeowner twice about the violations. A second certified letter was sent to the homeowner on May 15th.

New Business:

Entry Landscaping
Mike Hellrung received an email from Ken Thoresen noting that the entry landscaping is in need of two yards of mulch ($35/each) and a tree ($200) to replace the one that has died. Sue Bennett said she had chipped cedar mulch she would be willing to donate to the project. Gary Scharrer noted that it is pretty hot right now and we should wait until the Fall to plant any new tree. Mike said he would like to cut the tree down, leaving the root ball in place so that a new hole would not need to be dug when we purchase a new tree. Nancy Platt questioned the need for a new tree at all.

The board decided to have an entry cleanup day on May 31, 2008, beginning at 8am. Those who want to help are requested to bring gloves and gardening tools. The plan is to weed, spread mulch, chop down the tree and repair the masonry wall that has been damaged.

Gail stated that she had recently mowed the entry bar ditches. She asked if the neighborhood kids are still interested in summer mowing projects. Bill and Mike will check with Nathan Hellrung, William Paschall, Tyler Jeffrey and the Keel boys to gauge interest.

Annual Meeting Venue
Gail will call the Pedernales River Fellowship church and reserve a meeting room for the annual meeting to be held in September.

Marble Fall HS Bus
Mike noted the Marble Falls High School bus is daily entering the neighborhood, picking up no one, turning around and leaving.

Replacement Boat Ramp Permit
Megan Klein asked how the board would like to handle replacement boat ramp permits for situations where the placard has broken or otherwise deteriorated so it is unusable. It was decided that the old placard could be turned in for a new one at no charge.

Covenant Violations
A complaint was received about Mike Hellrung’s dog running loose. He was asked to keep her confined to his property when not on a leash or under voice command. He said he would take care of the problem.

The next board meeting will be held Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 7pm at Megan and Ken Klein’s home at 23802 Oscar Road.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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