PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 5-19-10

Board members Bill Paschall, Toby Newlin, Gail Finnegan, Megan Klein and Mike Natinsky were present.

The previous meeting’s minutes were read and approved.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed. The Dudley’s have paid their dues in full. The Association has reimbursed them for the replacement of a tire damaged by the front gate malfunctioning. Four property owners have still not paid their dues. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Old Business

Lock Boxes
The locks on the parcel boxes in the mail boxes have been fixed by the post office.

Front Entry Cleanup
The front entrance has been mowed, weeded and generally spruced up.

Stan Rountree will be invited to the next board meeting to talk to the Board about dock maintenance, common swimming areas and general river issues.

New Business

Boat Ramp Traffic
Megan will send out an email reminder: 1) Cars at the boat ramp must display a boat ramp permit. 2) There should be only one vehicle per party at the ramp at any one time.

Boat Ramp Access
Megan made a motion to install a sign at the top of the boat ramp, indicating it is a private ramp, and to limit access to the boat ramp by installing a combination padlocked chain across the top of the ramp. Bill seconds and the motion passes unanimously.

The new sign will state:
Private Boat Ramp
All guests must be accompanied by a Property Owner
All vehicles must display a PRAI boat ramp permit
All violators will be towed
All trespassers will be prosecuted

Bill made a motion to install two “Turn Around Zone – No Parking” signs at the edge of the ramp that must be clear to maneuver a truck and boat trailer at the ramp.

Entry Gate
The new loop detector installation is proving problematic on the exit gate. Mike Natinsky will contact AutoGate to fix the problem and review the parts and the work that has already been done.

The next board meeting will be held at Toby and Robin Newlin’s home at 2800 Indian Divide Road on Monday 12 July 2010.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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