PFR Board meeting minutes 05-03-07

All board members were in attendance. Ms. Bennett and Mr. Newlin were also present.

The previous meetings minutes were accepted. The treasurer’s report noted that three donations for the entrance project have been received. Also, the 2006 dues have been received from Hoomanrad. Mrs. Keel suggested some funds be moved out of the checking account and into savings. Mr. Garlick suggested a money market type of account that would pay interest but still keep the money available. Mrs. Keel will look into this and will keep ten- thousand dollars in the checking account.

The entrance improvements are nearing completion and are at the budgeted amount. Mr. Garlick questioned if a new bulletin board was needed. Meeting notices could be displayed without one. The materials for it have been purchased. The old board will be removed and if there is demand for a new bulletin board one will be constructed. Maintenance costs for the entrance were discussed. Three teenagers who live in PFR will mow it for a fee that is considerably less than hiring a company. A motion was made and passed unanimously to pay $30 each time it is mowed up to ten times per year. Mr. Thoresen will send a reminder to volunteers to continue mowing the road sides. Mr. Garlick and Mr. Natinsky will spray/kill the grass growing in the cracks of the roads throughout the subdivision.

Mr. Hellrung reported on the installment of new street signs. He noted one has already been knocked down.

Mr. Garlick reported that his father, who was to begin the road repair plan, has been ill and so hasn’t made progress on the road assessment. Mr. Thoresen will find the contact information for the engineer who did the last assessment.

Violations: The report of roaming dogs seems to have been resolved. A resident, who wished to remain anonymous, reported that there are more than two horses on the Kights lot. Mrs. Finnegan reported that four are visible from the street. Mr.Garlick will contact the Kights and inform and advise them as to the rules in the CCR’s.

Mr. Garlick presented a revised copy of the proposed ACC rules. He worked with Mr. Brown and Mr. Taylor on this to have a user friendly document for new builders. A topographical survey is required prior to building but Mr. Hellrung noted that one is available at no cost at Travis County Transportation and Resources. The twenty five foot height requirement did not seem needed and will be dropped. The requirement for trucks to be less than 7500 pounds was questioned and clarification about this will be sought. Mr. Thoresen noted that adopted ACC rules, as cited by rule 6.14, are to define and clarify the provisions of “this document” and that there is no authority to create new rules. The construction deposit and enforcement sections of the proposed rules would be new rules and would then require 75% of the owners/lot area to be adopted. It was noted in the 12-05 board minutes that “The authority to [require a construction deposit] is not defined nor prohibited in the current guidelines.” Mr. Thoresen noted that just to increase the $75 fee for the development plan required 75% voter approval so a much larger building deposit would also require voter approval. Mr. Garlick noted that it would be a deposit that would be held in escrow and would be returned if the owner or builder complied with all the rules. Mrs. Keel would like the refund process to be clarified. Mr. Garlick commented that the construction deposit is a tool to gain compliance and that this is consistent with the intent of the rules. There was lengthy discussion including if the document would be helpful if adopted as user-friendly guidelines. A vote on the matter was considered but postponed. Mr. Garlick will make adjustments to the proposed ACC rules.

Mr. Newlin noted that the gravel base next to the boat ramp road near the parking area is eroding and this may cause damage to the concrete. Mr. Garlick will ask Mr. Natinsky to see if this can be remedied by replacing some of the gravel.

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be at 7:00 on 6-18 at 1527 Likeness Rd.

Respectfully submitted,
Ken Thoresen, secretary

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