PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 5-2-11

Board members Toby Newlin, Monica Hooge and Megan Klein were present. Property owners Ken Klein, Curtis Jeffrey and Gail Jemelka were also present. President Bill Paschall could not attend and Director Mike Natinsky is no longer serving on the board.

Megan Klein circulated the previous meeting’s minutes prior to the board meeting. They were not reread. Toby moved to approve the minutes, Monica seconded. The motion passed.

The treasurer’s report was circulated before the meeting. With the exception of Ron Presley, all property owners have paid their Association dues. $15,000 was moved into the Boat Ramp Area Improvement Fund. Property taxes on three of the five HOA properties have increased minimally; one has decreased substantially. The treasurer’s report was filed.

Old Business

Megan worked with two landscape companies to come up with quotes for mowing the edges of the subdivision roads and the entrance. The quotes will be presented at the annual meeting.
Boat Ramp
The gravel is “dishing out” significantly in some areas making it dangerous to maneuver trailers down the ramp. It will probably take ten bags of concrete to fix the problem areas. Bill and Toby will determine and execute a fix.

BRAIC Cleanup Day
Ken Klein will work with Jim Hinton to schedule a date for cleaning up the boat ramp area. Mike Natinsky is no longer a member of the Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee.

Toby will put the latest list up on Google Docs. The board will split up the list and make calls to those from whom we have not received responses to the amendment. Any property owner interested in signing the amendment will be referred to Monica who is a notary.

Presley Lien
Bill was to file a lien against the property of Ron Presley for $1125 for three years past due HOA dues plus nine quarters of late fees. The board does not have an update from Bill on the status of the filing.

Road Maintenance
Ramming Paving is scheduled to start crack filling all roads and paving Tres Coronas in early May; their start time being weather and temperature dependent. Mike Natinsky has been their contact. He will drop of the contract to Megan. Megan will call Ramming to change the contact information.

The website has been updated.

New Business

HOA Board Composition
Mike Natinsky is no longer eligible to serve on the HOA Board, as the sale of his home recently closed and he is therefore no longer a member of the Association. A new board member will be elected at the annual meeting.

Likeness/Tres Coronas Road Sign
The road sign post at the intersection of Likeness and Tres Coronas has been bent over at the ground. Toby will fix.

Roadside Weed Kill
It’s time to spray weeds at the road edges. Megan and Gail Jemelka will spray in the coming week.

CCR Violations
A complaint has been filed with the board that the property at 23923 Tres Coronas is home to two horses and a calf. Bill talked to the owner. They were unaware they could not have three animals. The calf is an FFA show calf and will be removed from the property within a month.

A complaint has been filed asking that the board investigate whether ACC permission was granted for the construction of a horse fence and a gazebo at the property at 23528 Oscar Road. All improvements on the property, including the fence and gazebo, were properly submitted and approved by the ACC.

A complaint was filed with the board about a barking dog at 2200 Improver Road. Bill will talk to the owner.

The next board meeting will take place on Monday, July 11th at 7:00PM at Megan Klein’s home at 23802 Oscar Road.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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