PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 4-22-09

Board Members Bill Paschall, Toby Newlin, Gail Finnegan, Megan Klein and Nancy Platt were present. Homeowners Mike Natinsky, Sue Bennett and Robin Newlin were also present.

The previous meeting’s minutes were read and approved.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved.

Three property owners have not paid their association dues. Gail stated that she left the estimate on the budget at $600 more than we have thus far received. She does not think we will see any more money until a few houses sell. Those not paid are Ingram, Presley and David Watson.

With reference to placing a lien on the Watson’s property to recover past due dues and late fees, Gail has gathered standard TX forms for such. Bill will send the Watson’s a letter advising them of the forthcoming lien.

The board has received no additional income since the February board meeting and the only expenses have been for the website.

The Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee
The Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee composed of Ken Klein, Mike Natinsky, Jim Hinton and Kim Richards has met a few times. Ken Klein will head up the committee.

The committee reported the park cleanup project was a great step toward making the area more presentable and inviting. Dead trees were removed. Tremendous amounts of grape vines and other trailing thorny vines were pulled out of the trees. All resulting debris was burned and the low areas were mowed and graded as needed. Stan Miles, Mike Natinsky, Jim Hinton, Chris Olson, Gary Jenkins, Ken Klein, Megan Klein, Gail Finnegan, Bill Paschall, and Brad Harmon all helped with tractors, chain saws and plain old hard work.

The ideas currently being floated within the committee are increasing car and trailer parking at the ramp by expanding the existing parking area to the 681 line through the erection of a retaining wall and the addition of fill behind it, mostly taken from the HOA owned low-lying area to the right of the boat ramp. Such a project would increase the current parking area of roughly 5000sqft to 14,000sqft. It would greatly increase capacity and ease of parking/maneuvering at the ramp.

There is some question about the survey boundaries in the park and existing plat maps don’t help clear up the confusion. The committee asked the board to approve a new survey of the park. The survey estimates they presented were between $2000 – $3600 with the more expensive estimate including more information about the entire boundary of the park, the 681 line and the ravine. Such a survey was not necessary to obtain estimates and/or build out the parking lot. If it was decided to build out the parking lot, the contractor building the wall could build from a single survey mark at the 681 line.

The committee presented three ideas for retaining wall composition. Such a wall would be 8 – 12 feet high by 300 feet long. A wall built from concrete blocks would cost roughly $7500, limestone blocks would cost approximately $15,000. Both of these would require a footer or digging to the limestone base of the river bottom and building up from there – adding to the cost. The third idea was a seawall built from fiberglass panels. The seawall option would not require a footer. The committee had not received a quote for this option at the time of the meeting. They estimated its cost at $10,000 – $12,000. Additional costs for all three options would include engineering, excavation and erection. Added together these additional costs would likely exceed the cost of the materials. The committee said that fill behind the wall could come from taking the ravine down to the 681 line. An added benefit to such a plan would be an increase in the depth and width of the slew. Any of these options would increase the parking capacity by three times.

Bill Paschall made a motion to approve funding of $2600 for a survey of the park boundary with one mark placed at the 681 line. The motion was seconded and approved.

Old Business

Gate Controller
The gate controller has not been fixed. After inspection Bill thinks it needs a new pad and new bolts. Bill and Toby will work on it May 2.

Crack Filling Roads
Crack filling of the roads should be done when it is cold. Bill suggested that we should proceed with weed killing until the weather cools and the cracks can be filled. Megan Klein will take care of spraying Round-Up along the roads.

Entry Fenceline
After reviewing the plat maps, it does appear that the HOA owns the land upon which the western-most fenceline sits at the entrance. There is no need to have it re-surveyed.

Lien on Watson’s Property
Bill Paschall moved that the board proceed with the process of putting a lien on David Watson’s property to recover three years of HOA dues and late fees. Toby Newlin seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Covenant Violations
The Kathman/Miller boat has been moved off the neighboring undeveloped property. The neighboring property owners will not be selling their property to Kathman.

New Business

Gate Sensor for Emergency Vehicles
Gary Scharrer notified the board that “The front gate bill passed out of a House committee without opposition and is headed for the local and consent agenda, which typically means that it will pass the chamber without debate. Not yet sure about the Senate but the lack of opposition should mean smooth sailing over there as well.” Gail contacted the local fire department which knew nothing about the bill. For now, we will wait to see if further information is forthcoming.

School Buses
School buses are parking on the side of the road in front of Sue Bennett’s property on Oscar and Nancy Lambros’ property on Tres Coronas to wait out gaps in their schedules. Bill will contact the school and ask that the buses wait outside the front gate.

4-wheeler Trespassing
The board received a couple complaints of 4-wheelers trespassing. The board does not actually have any authority over trespassing and it is up to the property owner to put up no trespassing signs and to call the police if such signs are ignored.

Entry Light
Mike Natinsky suggested that the western-most street light at the entrance be moved so that it more effectively lit the gate area or that it be removed completely, saving the energy cost of having it on. At least one board member noted that this light is the only one visible approaching Paleface Ranch from the West at night. Gail will look into how much the light is costing monthly.

Covenant Violations
The board received a complaint about a trailer parked at 23528 Oscar Road. Bill will talk to the owner.

The next HOA Board meeting will take place at Ken and Megan Klein’s home on June 3, 2009 at 7pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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