PFR Board meeting minutes 04-03-06

In attendance: (board members) Toby Newlin, Ken Thoresen, Bruce Garlick, Bob Beglau; (residents) Kim Reynolds, Ora Frisch, Sue Bennett, Gary Scharrer, David Wigginton, Nancy Lambrose. Mike Natinsky.

Last meeting Minutes were reviewed and approved. Mr. Beglau reviewed the treasurer’s report. Treasurer Keel was attending a school board meeting. There are three owners (Hoomanrad, Tate, and Nguyen) that have not paid their 2006 dues. Presley sent his payment for 2005 dues and this will be applied for the 2005 year. The penalty for late payment for 2005 and 2006 is still due and accumulating. Mr. Garlick will notify him by letter of the need for him to submit the penalty payment and his 2006 dues.

The status of the amendments was reviewed. At the time of the meeting the Dues amendment had enough votes and acreage and has passed. Mr. Beglau will file it as soon as possible. The Rental amendment is very close to passing. Mr. Thoresen will contact the lot owners that have stated that they will submit their amendments. It is hoped that they will return them so that both amendments can be filed at the same time. It was noted that Larry Feingersh has been very helpful in facilitating the receipt of many amendments.

Mr. Newlin completed that index to covenants and restrictions to make them more user friendly. They will be added to the website.

Mr. Garlick gave an update on the lawsuit. Taberello/Stephens attorney have offered a settlement in the amount of $7,500. A community member had a private conversation with them in which $12 to $15,000 was considered. Mr. Garlick has been trying to get an agreement of the final judgment signed but that is not yet complete. Mr. Beglau noted that we have spent over $45,000 on the suit. Mr. Garlick felt they would pay between $12 and $15,000. We approved not accepting the $7,500, and will submit a counter offer. Mr. Beglau noted that since they counter sued we have spent approximately $20,000 and if we proceed to the appeal it could cost us about $12,000. There was much discussion on this issue. Mr. Beglau noted that many owners would like to see this lawsuit end but with a realistic recovery of expenses. Mr. Thoresen noted the recent costs incurred should be the minimum considered for a counter offer. Mr. Garlick noted that we are still in a strong position and would still likely prevail through the appeal but there is some benefit to a settlement even if not in the full amount. Mr. Beglau made a motion to allow Mr. Garlick to negotiate a counter offer between $20,000 and $28,000. The motion passed unanimously.

Nancy Lambros and David Wigginton gave an update on the wildlife exemption status. There are 84 lots currently applying for the wildlife exemption and about 100 are expected. The forms will be turned in by April 30. This year we will be under the Burnet county taxing authority. Burnet County is doing an overall plan for the community. In the first week of May there will be a bird census count and a deer count will occur in the fall. The cost for a census count is between $400 and $1,200 depending on the amount of contiguous land area and range points. For non-residents or out of state lot owners, there is the option to hire an outside vendor to manage the property. This would include the census and bird shelter and food. The cost would be approximately $100 per year but a volume discount could apply. Nancy estimates individuals should be able to maintain the food and shelter for a property for about $50.00. Mr. Hemphill continues to be supportive of the change to wildlife. Anyone who doesn’t apply and change to wildlife at this time may be able to apply next year if the land has been in Ag exemption for 5 of the last 7 years. When a property is sold the wildlife status can remain or change in the same way it does for any other Ag or non-Ag situation. Ms. Lambros noted there is a substantial cost difference for an undeveloped lot.

New Business

Covenant/restriction problems:
Mr. Soriano has a boat and water tank visible from the road and the board has received complaints. Mr. Natinsky and Mr. Thoresen have discussed this violation with him. Mr. Soriano noted he is repairing the boat and intends to sell it by the end of April. Mr. Beglau will contact him and instruct him to remove or enclose the boat by the end of April. He is also to screen the water tank. A follow up letter will be mailed if this isn’t done by the end of April. The board is emphasizing a helpful and neighborly approach.

A lot recently purchased by Mr. Feingersh has several trees cleared in the conservation area. Mr. Natinsky asserts that this area is not to be disturbed. Mr. Feingersh will be advised of this. The ACC will and owners will also be made aware of the clearing restrictions through communication in the newsletter.

The Cleary’s septic system problem and Watson’s bull carcass problem have been resolved.

There is a continuing problem with D. Watson having 3 horses. Mr. Natinsky reported the history of this and the board has already sent the three notice letters. Mr. Garlick will contact them to try to resolve the problem.

The problem with people four-wheeling on the private property next to the power lines is less of a problem lately. However, recent contractors have driven there. They seem to think it is owned by the LCRA and not private property. LCRA has told Ms. Richards that they would allow a fence and chain across that area as long as they have access. She offered to set private property signs if they were supplied to her. Mr. Scharrer will again alert owners that this is private property via the PR newsletter. Mr. Thoresen and Mrs. Keel with find the contacts for sign suppliers. Mr. Scharrer surveyed PFR and found about 10 signs are needed. Mr. Beglau made a motion to allocate up to $500 to purchase and install signs. Mr. Natinsky requested and the board approved him being in charge of installing these signs. Motion passed unanimously.

Ms. Bennett noted that the water tank on the property now owned by Ms Aiken is not screened. She noted the board has previously driven through the subdivision to check for obvious violations. Mr. Beglau noted new residents may not be aware of all restrictions and they will be notified.

Mr. Beglau suggested that another board member, in addition to Mrs. Keel, be authorized to send group emails. He volunteered and will take on that duty.

There were two recent thefts in the neighborhood. A sheriff presented information about a neighborhood watch at a previous annual meeting. The board is looking for someone to volunteer organizing this watch. Ms. Richards noted we can call for a “close patrol” and an officer will frequently drive through the neighborhood.

Mr. Thoresen presented a preliminary plan for improvement of the front entrance. Resident Feingersh has offered to, in part, financially support the plan development or donate to the improvement costs. Mr. Thoresen will contact a landscape architect to determine the costs of developing a professional plan and will discuss this with Mr. Feingersh.

There is a new city website for Spicewood, www.spicewoodtx.us. The website manager has requested placing a link on the Paleface Ranch website. No compelling desire exists to place this link on our website as it appears to include a primary motivation of advertisement.

At the last annual meeting it was determined that a spring meeting was desired. Mr. Beglau suggested a more informal meeting be held in order to promote neighborhood interaction. He suggested an informal meeting to include updates and a question and answer format. He made a motion to spend up to $500 to fund a barbeque and sides for a lunch following the meeting. Ms. Richards offered to contact her father regarding use of his large barbeque pit.

No advanced meeting date has been set for our next board meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Ken Thoresen, secretary

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