PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 3-19-08

All board members were in attendance. Lot owners Gary Scharrer, Toby Newlin, Jim Brown, David Watford and Holly Carson were also present. Larry Feingersh was present briefly.

The previous meeting’s minutes were read and approved.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved.

A question of the nature of “other income” listed on the Banking Summary in the January Treasurer’s report was resolved. The $105.00 was from the sale of gate remotes.

Gail Finnegan reported that the property taxes for HOA-owned land have increased. If a protest against the increase was to be made, it needed to be done by a deadline which has already passed. Nothing can now be done about the increase. PRAI is paying 10% of current market value as an HOA.

The 2007 tax return has been completed and mailed.

One construction deposit was received for the property at the corner of Tres Coronas and Oscar.

A document was produced for approval of an address change for the investment account at Compass Bank. The document was signed by Mike Hellrung, PRAI President, and Megan Klein, secretary.

Gail reported that 93% of the lots have paid their 2008 dues. Six lots have not yet paid. The Association has received $45,953.00 for 2008 dues. Ron Presley is paid through 2008. He was $800 behind.

The Association has collected five transfer fees for re-sales.

Expenses included wildflower seed for the bar ditches at the entrance to the subdivision, masonry work at the edge of the cement pad for the mailboxes to keep cars from driving off the pad into the ditch and a lighting solution to illuminate the Paleface Ranch sign.

A question was asked about the total property tax paid for the park. The Association pays $972 to Travis County and $465 to Burnet County for lot 12 – a total of $1437 per year.

Gail reported there has been a drastic increase in the utility bill for the entry since November. Gail contacted PEC and they suggested we do a check for faulty wiring. If no faulty wiring was found or if faulty wiring was repaired and there was still a problem, PEC would come out. Mike suggested that a photocell might be going bad causing the entry light to stay on all the time.

Gail ordered 20 new gate remotes because current supplies had been exhausted. The remotes were $25 each.

Old Business:

Road Maintenance
PSI sent a letter reiterating their moratorium on working with HOAs due to legal issues. They recommended PaveTex. PaveTex came out to the subdivision, conducted a visual inspection and submitted a report detailing the existing road damage and their recommendations for repair. The inspection and report cost $250.00. Bill Paschall called several companies for repair estimates. Many were no shows. Rodriguez Engineering came out and marked up the roads but never called with a bid.

Ramming Paving inspected the roads and sent an estimate of $77,000. This would include redoing the entrance where the road has failed, chip seal the rest of Oscar Road, and crack seal Tres Coronas and all side roads where needed. Fixing the entrance consists of pulling up the road, redoing the base and adding two inches of new pavement over the new base. If the budget will allow it, a chip seal of Tres Coronas is also recommended.

Bill reported that Steve Hooge knows Ramming and praised the man and his work.

Holly Carson reported that she had PaveCo redo a parking lot at approximately 40% of other estimates and it still looks good. She said the owner of PaveCo is very responsive.

Trash Collection
Mike Hellrung reported that BFI had been contacted about possibly giving a discount for the business of the entire neighborhood. He was told the cost of trash collection would be $87.45 per quarter, with a setup fee of $15.00 and no discount for the business of the entire neighborhood.

Mike asked that the next newsletter include a request that the neighborhood consolidate to using Roy’s Disposal Service as a single trash collection provider. Currently both BFI and RDS service the subdivision. RDS is $20 per month and you can use your own trashcan.

New Business

On multiple occasions, a large black poodle and a small white terrier-type dog have been spotted throughout the subdivision wandering unleashed and without supervision. These animals belong to someone living on Indian Divide Cove. Mike will contact the owners.

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is now back up to a full-compliment of three members. David Watford has been nominated, approved by the board and accepted a position on the committee. David can be contacted at dwatford@pelzgolf.com.

Bill Paschall noted two vehicles at the boat ramp without tags, one obstructing traffic. Immediately after he called the towing company, the owner showed up and Bill cancelled the call. Bill has encountered several people who didn’t have their permits but were residents. He is trying to spread the word that vehicles at the ramp MUST display permits.

Mike Hellrung brought up the discussion of increasing the land area of the park, and thus the usability, by backfilling the cove. Bill Paschall made a motion to have Mike contact the LCRA and see if they were amenable to backfilling the cove. Gail Finnegan opposed, all others approved the motion. Jim Brown expressed a concern about the type of fill that would be used. LCRA presumably would specify the type of fill required and the concern was that if there were any deviation, the LCRA would come after PRAI legally.

Holly Carson recently purchased two lots that had been previously combined. Per the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) a combined lot is subject to the restrictions of a single lot and thus she can only have two horses. She would like to have four. She asked if a lot could be un-combined and/or the board could decide to allow more horses on a per owner basis. She said she would be willing to lead a charge to change the CCRs to allow more horses on combined lots.

Holly suggested that the Association should consider purchasing the lot at the entrance to the subdivision for a park because of its nearness to Hwy 71 and the fact that it has few live oaks. She reported that she had spoken to Grant Williams at Wells Fargo about whether they would provide loans to HOAs for improvements. She was told that the bank considers HOAs a low risk and there would be no problem. Holly further stated that she thought now would be a good time to purchase the lot with interest rates low. She says the lot is valued at $100,000 but that she thinks it might be acquired for $80,000.

In reference to the taxes on the park, Holly suggested that “economic obsolescence” could be used as an argument against further increases on taxes.

Covenant Violations:
The three horses and an uncovered trailer at 1807 Envoy turned out to actually be five horses and two trailers. Mike Hellrung spoke to the owner and was told that the extra horses belonged to a friend was had been there for the superbowl. The horses were there prior to the superbowl, as evidenced in the date on a picture Mike took of the violations. Mike asked that the extra horses be removed in accordance with the CCRs. He suggested that she might check with Bob Beglau or David Wiggington about keeping her extra horses on their property. Mike further suggested that a pole barn could be built as an inexpensive way of housing/concealing the trailers. Mike sent a certified letter on March 11, 2008, formally reiterating the request to come into compliance by reducing the number of horses on the property to two and concealing/removing the trailers. As of March 19, the letter had not yet been picked up from the post office.

The uncovered propane tank in the front yard at 1709 Envoy was waiting to be picked up and was gone three days after Mike inquired about it.

The canvas carport in the front yard at 1820 Envoy has been moved out of sight.

The next board meeting will be held at 7pm, Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at Gail Finnegan’s home at 1512 Likeness.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

March 23, 2008 @7pm – Board Meeting at entrance gate reference roads

The board met Bill Paschall at the entrance gate to review the plan for road repair as proposed in a $77,000 quote from Ramming Paving Company.

Bill Pascall arrived with a contract needing a signature if it was agreed to proceed. Mike Hellrung asked that Bill contact Ramming Paving and request that a payment schedule and completion date be added to the contract before he would sign it.

Gail Finnegan reported that there was not enough money in the checking account to cover the quoted cost. Moving all money from the mutual fund account (~$61,000) into the money market account (~$31,000) was discussed. Bill and Mike wanted to review the performance of the individual funds within the account and asked that Gail scan and distribute the last statement.

Bill made a motion to pay Ramming Paving $77,000 to fix the roads as outlined in the contract. The motion was approved unanimously.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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