PFR Board meeting minutes 03-08-07

All board members were in attendance though Mr. Hellrung arrived about thirty minutes into the meeting. Mr. Brown, Ms. Bennett, Mr. Newlin and Mr. Scharrer and Mr. Miller were also present.

The previous meetings minutes were reviewed and accepted. The treasurer’s report noted only for lot owners have not paid their dues (Brose, Nguyen, Pressley and Watson). Three from ’06 have not yet paid. Mrs. Keel reported that the treasures duties had at one point in the past been designated as business manager and had become a paid position. She noted hers and others board duties were not paid and she made a motion that the treasure position remain an unpaid position and that each board meeting should include an account balance, profit and loss statement and a check registry since the last meeting. To be as transparent as possible this information could also be distributed in the PFR newsletter. The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Thoresen reported on the progress of the entrance improvements. So far $15,000. of the 20,000. Budget has been spent on carpentry and masonry with almost 4,000 projected for the metal roofing. The budget is very tight and options for other improvements were discussed.

Mr. Garlick gave a summary of a preliminary assessment of the condition of the roads. Oscar road from the gate to Tres Coronas is in need of repair in the near future. The engineer will develop a 5 to 10 year plan and will have this ready at the next annual meeting. This plan may have implications on the dues if significant repairs are needed or funds are short. The current budget calls for $16,000 to maintain the roads this year. Mr. Garlick and Mr. Natinsky will spray the weeds on the road edges soon to limit road damage. Mr. Hellrung noted that repair work done to the road now may be soon damaged by heavy trucks used during construction of new homes. Ms. Bennet noted the roads need to be kept to a useable and presentable point. Mr. Garlick noted that prior boards have done well in keeping up with road repair and have extended the life of the roads.

Mr. Hellrung reported that the street signs will cost $650 and he will oversee their installment. Only street signs were ordered. Lot owners will remain responsible for signs on their property.

Mr. Brown reported that he and Mr. Taylor have reviewed some changes/clarifications to the proposed ACC rules. Mr. Garlick offered to meet with them before the next meeting to ensure they are consistent with the CCR’s. Mr. Brown requested this be presented for final approval consideration so that it can be implemented as soon as possible. Mr. Hellrung questioned using a lien in place of a building deposit. Mr. Garlick noted there would be no basis for a lien. Mr. Brown noted any building deposit money would be held in trust until its return or a fine is assessed. Mr. Hellrung noted many people build on a tight budget and may not be able to afford $2,000 up front. It was noted that the money would be returned if no violations occurred and wouldn’t raise the overall loan amount. Mrs. Keel clarified that the board would assess any fine, not the ACC. Mr. Brown noted the deposit is a tool to get people to read the CCR’s and follow them. Mr. Newlin questioned if the deposit were entirely lost to a fine would that eliminate any action to gain compliance with the CCRs. There was discussion regarding other parts of the proposed changes/ clarifications such as the need for a survey and that aesthetics are clearly not to be a part of ACC approval as noted in the CCR’s. Mr. Garlick noted the changes need further review and that this important issue is one that should have unanimous support of the board in order to proceed.

It was noted that the gate is not opening well. Mr. Thoresen will ask Mr. Natinsky to adjust it and, if needed, replace the chain if the cost is under $250. Mr. Hellrung offered to learn how to adjust the gate also.

The PFR newsletter will include the passwords (palefaceranch, lotowner) to the website so that everyone will have access. Mrs. Klein I still the web master but Mr. Newlin has been helpful recently.

Mr. Hellrung proposed that a general request of lot owners be made seeking a centrally located lot be donated to be used as a playground, park or PFR meeting place. He noted that current park is not very usable.

Violations. Mr. Thoresen reviewed prior board minutes and did not find a resolution for the board to drive the subdivision to look for violations. It was noted in the 11-11-02 minutes that a plan for addressing violations was to be developed. A complaint from a resident was read noting that dogs have been running loose. Mr. Scharrer will note this in the next newsletter.

Mr. Scharrer presented a history of the development of PFR. It too will be in the newsletter.

The next meeting will be 5-3-07 at 1527 Likeness Road.

Respectfully submitted,
Ken Thoresen, secretary

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