03-May-22 Board Meeting

Call to order 6.59pm

Board members present: Brian Soldato, Diane Wigington, John Martin and Luis    Martinez

Brian Soldato moved to approve minutes, Luis seconded.  Minutes approved by voice vote.

Treasurer Report

  • Bank Balances as of 4/30/2022
    • Operating Account:  $35,207.73.  Uncleared check to IRS of $2,883.00
    • Sign Account: $17,752.85. Still owe Hardman balance of $14,751,63
    • Construction Account: $16,000
    • Road Account: $190,236.97
  • Total Income as of 4/30/2022: $63,198 (99% of budget. 5 HOA lots outstanding. Will follow up with a phone call.
  • Total Expenses as of 4/30/2022: $35,090 (37% of annual budget)

A request was made to post monthly P&L and Balance Sheet on palefaceranch.org.  Will do so.

Committee Report

  • ACC
    • No ACC members present.  
  • Roads Committee
    • Sheila Jenkins was in attendance.
    • Received two quotes for the board to review. 
    • Committee still looking for other bids.
    • Sue Bennett asked about doing Roundup on the grass growing in the road. 
  • Front Entrance Committee
    • New PFR sign has been installed / new base rebuild due to the state of the previous one.
    • Center gate has been replaced w/a stone wall and pedestrian gate.
    • Pergola’s flower beds have been fixed.
    • Right entrance pillar no longer leans and 2 others have been repaired.
    • water /electric lines have been run to all beds.
    • Waiting on water pump, electric and tank (ordered – 8wks out)
    • Opted for installing a buried tank to save money over a metal tank and rainwater system. 
    • Once the system is installed landscaping/drip irrigation will begin. 

Unfinished Business

  • No unfinished business

New Business

  • Contact Access Controls – follow up on entrance rail for the gate needing to be welded or replaced.
    • Also have them check the gate pressure rings to make sure they are working properly. 

Executive Session

  • Not needed.

Meeting adjourned 7.32pm