PRAI Board Meeting 3-6-18 held at 2302 Improver Rd, Spicewood, TX 78669

A quorum was met as all Board members were present.  Seven residents were in attendance.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm

 Minutes of the previous Board meeting were approved without reading as they had been reviewed via email by all Board members prior to this meeting.

Treasurer report:  Chrissy Carr reported that the HOA received a refund from Travis County.  The original deposit plus interest of $128.00 totaled a refund of $4028.00 which was deposited into our general account.  (2018-3-5- treasurer report)

Liens were filed on three properties due to several years’ dues being in arrears…total of about $7500.00.  For the current year there are only a few who have not yet paid.

ACC report:  No committee members were present so Brenda Alvarado reported that currently there are 4 homes under construction and one application for home construction is pending.  There are two other applications pending: one for a fence and one for a workshop.  This year two homes were completed.

RMC report: Sheila Jenkins reported that our roads are in good condition.  Wheeler will crack fill later this year.  We may need to find new vendors as several vendors we have used in the past refuse to give us a bid believing that they have no chance of getting the work.

Near the exit gate there is some asphalt peeling at the pothole repair site but we were told that should be expected.   No other repairs or maintenance are expected this year.

Boat Ramp Park Committee report:  Danna Hancock reported that the Board approved a contract with C-Staff Construction paying them $3,000 for three days’ work to clean up the boat ramp park area.  They will remove dead trees, scrub, brush and vines and burn the debris.  They will preserve trees 5 inches in diameter or larger.

The plan for this year also includes obtaining signs indicating private property and no trespassing.  One concrete picnic table may be purchased.  Committee members are going to contact towing companies to determine if we can use their services to tow vehicles belonging to people who do not own property here.

Unfinished Business

Front entrance:  The light sensor on the large Paleface Ranch sign is working but neither side sensor is working properly.  The timers are not working either.  The electrician will repair or replace the sensors when he is back in our area.

It is almost time to plant new plants at the entrance.  David Davis will start researching types of plants that will do well.

Boat Ramp:  We are still waiting for the slurry fill to be injected.  We have received the deposit refund.

We will obtain a quote from Teddy to pour a short concrete ramp where the gravel has washed away at the spot where vehicles turn into the parking area.

CCRs:  Sue Bennett reported we have received only 74 Written Consent Forms to date.  Reminder emails will be sent out.

New Business:

It is the time of year to spray weed killer on the weeds that are beginning to grow in the roads.  Volunteers will complete this task.

We will have the ACC contact the property owner who has a port-a-potty located too close to the street asking that it be moved farther back on his property, away from the street.

An email will be sent to property owners including pictures of suggested ways to park at the boat ramp and the mailboxes.

The meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm

Executive Session:

An executive session was commenced immediately.  The conversation centered around how the Board would make decisions in the future regarding contracts and other issues.


The HOA Board meeting reconvened at 8:02 pm. A summary of the executive session was provided.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05pm