PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 2-18-09

Board Members Bill Paschall, Toby Newlin, Gail Finnegan, Megan Klein and Nancy Platt were present. Homeowner Mike Natinsky was also present.

The previous meeting’s minutes were read and approved.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved.

To date $45,300 has been received in membership dues. Eight owners have not yet paid. Gail estimates that total dues income for the year will be $300 less than listed in the budget as she does not anticipate Watson paying. Watson owes $1120.00 to the Association in unpaid dues. The Association will move forward in placing a lien on the Watson’s property.

The house at 23528 Oscar Road has sold and all past due money as been paid for this property in conjunction with the sale.

Utility costs that were rising for several months appear to be coming back down.

The Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee
Mike Natinsky reports that the committee has not met. There have been some discussions between Mike Natinsky and Bill Paschall and Mike Hellrung has given Mike Natinsky input. Mike did have some rough ideas for increasing parking at the ramp which he passed along to the board.

They included:

Provide access to the boat ramp area to construction companies needing to dump fill. He said the drawbacks to this plan would include monitoring gate access and fill composition.
Excavation into the hillside around the current parking area.
Relocate dirt that is part of this property, but currently inaccessible as parking, to the area of the current parking lot. Use it to increase the parking area and build a wall to prevent it from and plant something on it to further stabilize it.
Megan asked that Mike Natinsky please meet with and involve the committee that the board organized as the Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee in December. Mike agreed that he would gather the committee members and report back to the board.

Road Committee
Gary Jenkins, John Sofyanos and Steve Hooge will serve on this board but none have the time to lead it. The committee has not met. The goal for this committee would be to create a long term plan for the HOA budget. Bill tabled further discussion of this committee until such time as the board could find someone to lead it.

Bill indicated that it was time for another round of crack filling. He recommended the board use Ramming Paving again as they quote a fixed price for the job versus working by the linear foot.

Old Business

Covenant Violations
The boat at 23621 Indian Divide Cove has been moved onto the neighbor’s property at 23613 Indian Divide Cove, down by the water. Bill has contacted the neighbor, who does not live at Paleface Ranch. They may be in the process of selling their property to the boat owner.

The wall at the edge of the cement pad will be torn down to the level of the pad and the parking lot cement stops moved to the edge of the pad. Mike Natinsky suggested that the culvert be built up to eliminate the drop off. The drop off is not our property.

Bill looked into the river access easement that would apparently allow the property to the West of Paleface Ranch to access the river through our boat ramp. He reported that, if that land were developed, 20 residents from that development would have the privilege of using our ramp. It would likely be accessed through the gate at Successor.

The board has looked at the plat maps we have and they seem to show that the property West of the asphalt of our entry driveway does not belong to Paleface Ranch, though we do have a fence and landscaping on that land. Mike Natinsky said he has a plat map that shows the land does, in fact, belong to the subdivision. He will get it to Bill for review.

New Business

Work Day
Nancy Platt suggested that it was time to do some landscaping maintenance at the entrance to the subdivision. A work day was planned for March 7 at 9am. Megan will send a notice to the neighborhood. Nancy will call Ken to get an update on the status of the agaves.

The gate controller is no longer securely affixed to its pad. The bolts have come loose. Bill will take a look at the problem and get what is needed to fix it at our work day on March 7.

In the event anyone is looking for them, Toby picked up all the cement forms used to lengthen the boat ramp. They are behind his house.

The next HOA Board meeting will take place at Toby and Robin Newlin’s home on April 22, 2009 at 7pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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