PFR Board meeting minutes 01-25-07

All board members were in attendance. Mr. Taylor, Mr. Brown, Ms. Bennett, Mr. Newlin and Mr. Scharrer were also present.

The previous meetings minutes were reviewed and accepted. The treasures report noted that property taxes were paid and one electrical repair to the entrance area was paid. Many dues payments from owners have been received.

Mr. Garlick reported that the assessment of the roads in still in progress and may take some time to complete. This plan will be updated and comprehensive. The results of this assessment may have an impact on future dues if substantial repair is needed. The old road repair plan included funds for a crack fill this year. The area near the front gate may need some additional repair. Heavy trucks frequent during building have worn the road and this traffic will likely continue or increase in the coming years.

Mr. Garlick reported that he has contacted two owners, Hoomanrad and Pressley, and they will pay their late dues.

Mr. Hellrung reported that several street signs are needed and his cost estimate is under the initial estimate ($1500). He will work on posting the needed signs.

Violations: The Watson’s horses are all currently off their property. The issue regarding the traps used by Mr. Miller seems resolved also. It was noted that he may be staying on his property on the weekends. A resident also intervened with a non-owner who intended to hunt in PFR. It was noted that there are some propane tanks that are not covered. Ms. Bennet noted that a previous board had adopted a motion to direct the board to make two surveys of the lots each year. Discussion followed as to the best way to receive and respond to complaints and if the board should survey for violations. It was decided that prior motions described in the minutes should be reviewed before resolving this issue.

Mr. Thoresen reported that the entrance improvements will begin soon. Masonry and carpentry bids have been received and accepted. It would be helpful to have the middle section of the mailboxes full before completing the improvements. Additionally, our mail carrier has strongly suggested that we need another large parcel box. A motion to expand the improvement budget one thousand dollars to add this parcel box passed unanimously. Also, the mailing address for PFR has changed to 23625 Indian Divide Cove. This allows mail to be received at the entrance boxes. There was discussion regarding the easement for the land on the east side of the entrance and ownership of the land on the west side. Improvements are to proceed though clarification ownership will be sought.

Mr. Taylor and Mr. Brown presented proposed ACC rules for residents. Mr. Taylor noted that the CCR’s give the ACC authority to make specifications to the rules. He feels the rules need clarity and the proposed changes are important to enforcement of some items. Most suggested changes are common sense rules. The most noteworthy change is a $2000 building deposit. This would help in the enforcement of building rules and may prevent legal proceedings. Mr. Hellrung questioned if prior violations have been related to the suggested changes and if the changes would prevent violations. He also questioned if the deposit would require 75% of homeowner approval. The deposit could be held in escrow and then not considered a fee. Mr. Taylor noted that the board can enforce the CCR’s and can adopt provisions to enforce them citing section 6.14 of the CCR’s. He feels they would be effective and save time. The board members will review the proposal in preparation for the next meetings discussion.

The board unanimously voted to appoint Bill Pascal to the ACC board replacing Mrs. Scharrer. Mr. Taylor reported that he will continue on the ACC board but would like to phase out after a replacement is found.

The next meeting will be held 03-08-07 at 7:00 at Mrs. Keels home. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Ken Thoresen, secretary

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