PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 1/14/2013
Board members Bill Paschall, Karl Hancock, Toby Newlin, Megan Klein and Gail Finnegan were present. Property owners Sue Bennett, Fran Raymond and Robin Newlin were also present.

Secretary Megan Klein read the previous meeting’s minutes. There were no corrections. Bill made a motion to approve the minutes; Toby seconded. The minutes were approved as read.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

Ground maintenance expenses are about $3000.00 over budget because of the cedar clearing costs. $2000.00 is coming out of the contingency fund.

Weather and other complications resulted in $35,000 from the 2012 Road Maintenance budget not being spent last year. That money will be pushed into the 2013 budget for Road Maintenance to pay for already scheduled but not yet completed crack filling on all roads.

Maintenance fees (dues) have been collected from 70 of 158 lots to date. Two property owners are taking advantage of the payment plan option.

The Association has received two construction deposits (Olson and Walsh) and two ACC fees (Olson and Walsh). There are two pending transfers (Mulwani and Carson).

Bill made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report; Gail seconded; the treasurer’s report was accepted as submitted.

Old Business
Road Maintenance
Rhoades has been contracted to crack fill the roads throughout the subdivision. Work should begin next week, assuming the weather cooperates. We have not yet secured a contract with Cummings to chip seal four of our roads.

Hellrung Lawsuit
The lawsuit between Mr. and Mrs. Hellrung and the Paleface Ranch Association, Inc. is ongoing. There are no updates that can be shared at this point.

Dead Cedars
The contracted clearing of dead cedars from the boat ramp lot has made a huge dent in the dead and dry brush on the lot. Some remains in difficult to access areas but it will stay.

Staining Mailbox Cover
We do not yet have a quote to stain the cedar portions of the mailbox shelter. Karl will follow up.

Fourth Amended Declaration of CCRs for Paleface Ranch
The board has secured only 32 signatures, representing 42 lots, for the proposed 4th Amended Declaration of CCRs for Paleface Ranch. At a minimum, 67% of property owners, or 105 people, must vote for the amendment to pass. Many of our property owners do not live here. It will be difficult to get this accomplished.

Paleface Ranch Incorporation
Nothing has been accomplished on researching incorporation since the last meeting. The attorney who worked with the proposed Village at Spicewood Canyon group extended an offer to Bill to help our Association at no cost in the event we were interested in incorporation. The board needs to gather more information before any decisions can be made.

Gate Repair
The bolts holding the chain to the gate have been repaired.

BRAIC Parking Improvement/Retaining Wall Quote
Jim Hinton secured a quote from Shumate Custom Homes for a retaining wall and select compacted road base parking lot for $45,750.00. Specifics: A limestone retaining wall 170 feet long x 10 feet tall with a concrete footing. Washed gravel bedding at the wall for drainage and a Geotech fabric filter at full interior wall surface. Select compacted fill compacted mechanically. Parking lot of 120 feet x 90 feet, using 13 loads of compacted road base. A turnkey install. Additional material will be per load price of $285.00. Photos of sample walls are available if the quote is accepted. The estimate was delivered January 9 and is guaranteed for 30 days.

New Business
New Package Drop Request
We have received a request for a new package drop. It must be a USPS approved box and they are expensive. Megan will check craigslist and ebay for second-hand boxes at a lesser price. Megan will contact the post office for a count of the number of individual boxes remaining vacant.

Letter about Dead Cedars
Bill will send a letter to the Association next week.

Dues payments
Currently the Association has received 72 of 158 dues payments.

Gate Combination Lock
The combination lock at the front gate needs to be changed to January’s gate code. Megan will take care of it.

Newspaper Delivery
The Austin American Statesman delivery lady needs the gate codes. Karl will give Megan her number and Megan will get her the codes.

The next HOA meeting will be Monday, March 18, 2013 at Gail Finnegan’s home at 1512 Likeness Road at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary