PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 1-16-08

In attendance: (board members) Mike Hellrung, Gail Finnegan, Bill Paschall Nancy Platt and Megan Klein; (lot owners) Jim Brown, Rita Rogalewski and Gary Scharrer.

The previous meeting’s minutes were read and approved without changes. Mike Hellrung noted that the dates pertaining to the Lake Travis/Marble Falls school district decision in the 2007 Annual Meeting minutes, previously in question, were correct.

The treasurer’s report was discussed and approved.

One new construction deposit of $2000 had been received and Gail Finnegan reported that a new account had been opened specifically for these deposits so they would not be commingled with the Association’s operating income.

As of 1-16-08 $18,900 has been received for 2008 dues payments. Gail requested Megan send a message to the PRAI-members list reminding the membership of the upcoming January 31st deadline for paying dues.

Travis and Burnet county taxes for the Association have gone up $1200 from 2006. Travis County and Burnet County went up proportionately. Jim Brown stated he thought this an unreasonable increase. Mike Hellrung requested that treasurer Gail Finnegan check into why the taxes had increased.

Utilities for October-November were $70. In December they were $90. The bill is increasing by roughly $20 each month. Gail will look into the reason for the increase.

Bill Paschall arrived at the meeting with a letter that had been delivered to prior board member Sue Bennett for the newly established construction deposit account. Compass Bank apparently has an incorrect mailing address for the account. Gail will correct with the bank.

Old Business

The light bulbs in the lights shining on the Paleface Ranch sign at the subdivision entry have been replaced. The result is that one light is working. The other is not. One of the fixtures is in need of immediate replacement. Mike Hellrung proposed new lights be installed – the same lights used throughout the rest of the entry landscaping. And that the lights be raised above the bushes on sections of painted PVC pipe. The approximate cost would be $228 for the lamps, PVC, spray paint and clamps to hold the lights to the PVC. This plan was unanimously approved.

The edge of the pad at the mailboxes dropped off precipitously over the drainage pipe draining into the bar ditch running along Highway 71. The problem was brought to the board’s attention by Mike Hellrung at the November ’07 meeting with the concern being that a car could back off the edge of the pad and be damaged or disabled. The board was asked to study the problem and consider solutions. In the interim the problem has been solved by the construction of a low masonry wall as a “bumper” for vehicles that get too close to the edge. The cost of the enhancement was $550.

A towing contract is now in place with Assured Towing. Any homeowner contacting the towing company must have the password – Paleface Ranch Homeowner – and must sign paperwork for the towing company when they arrive. Rita Rogalewski noted that there are outstanding complaints against Assured Towing.

New Business

Spaghetti sauce and eggs were dropped near the mailboxes the weekend of January 12-13 and left to dry in the warm weather. By the time Mike Hellrung happened upon the mess, it was a huge cleanup job, requiring more than the supplies Mike had on hand. At the time of the board meeting the mess still needed more cleaning. Homeowner Rita Rogalewski volunteered to tackle the problem with a personal supply of concrete cleaner.

Both members of the Architectural Control Committee were present at the meeting – Bill Paschall and Jim Brown. The ACC is a three person committee but Glen Taylor tendered his resignation at the beginning of December. Mike Hellrung asked if the committee had ideas for a replacement. Jim Hinton, Dave Watford and Steve Hooge were all suggested. Bill will contact to gauge interest.

Property owner Larry Feingersh contacted Megan Klein via email requesting six boat ramp placards. Larry owns eight lots within the subdivision. When the request was forwarded to the board, it was not clear whether placards were assigned on a per lot or per owner basis. It is not typical for one owner to own so many lots. One owner having multiple boat ramp placards does present the potential for abuse. When this concern was expressed to Larry, in a return email, he replied that he has four drivers in his family and five cars capable of towing a boat. He reduced his request to four boat ramp placards. Megan Klein presented Larry’s request and reasoning to the board at the meeting. After much discussion Gail Finnegan made a motion to give Larry his requested four placards. The motion carried with four votes. Mike Hellrung was against any single owner having more than one placard because of the potential for abuse – giving placards to non-owners and/or a single owner parking more than one vehicle in the limited space at the ramp. Mike Hellrung made a motion that one property owner may not park more than one vehicle at the ramp at a time. The motion passed unanimously. Mike will check with Assured Towing to see if this wording can be added to their sign at the ramp.

Bill Paschall reported that PSI Engineering contacted him stating that pending legal action no longer allowed the company to enter into contractual agreements with homeowners associations. Bill contacted PaveTex Engineering and procured a written finding for $250. The recommendation was to repair Oscar Road from the gate to the first intersection with Tres Coronas. Asphalt was the best option but was four times as expensive as chipseal. Bill noted that from a budget standpoint, we should go with the chipseal. The report found all other roads to be in generally good condition – in need only of a crack fill to keep them that way. A chipseal at the entrance will keep the moisture out and the base tight. It was recommended that road repair/maintenance be done when the weather was cold and the road cracks open. Our road maintenance schedule was reviewed by PaveTex. PaveTex stated there was no need for a slurry seal but that otherwise the schedule looked good and that we could anticipate paying twice as much was listed on the old schedule. A new road schedule from PaveTex would cost $1000.

In the interest of continuing road maintenance it was noted that our biggest source of road destruction probably comes from garbage trucks because they are heavy, stop a lot and drive on the edges of the road. Bill recommended that the board look at consolidating to a single provider for the subdivision. Mike Hellrung asked Nancy Platt to contact the two providers to see if either would offer a discount for the business of the entire neighborhood.

Megan Klein reported that she was contacted by email by property owner Tom Jones requesting a “release” from a lawsuit he was involved in with PRAI in 2002. Megan obtained a Satisfaction of Judgement, signed by Mike Natinsky on 10-18-2004, from the Travis County courthouse. After review by the board, it was forwarded to Tom.

Megan Klein reported that there have been several requests for new gate cards recently and the stack of pre-programmed cards is running low. Nancy Lambros has additional blank cards and knows how to program them to work with the gate. Megan Klein will contact Nancy to do a knowledge transfer and pick up additional cards.

Mike Hellrung reported that suspected drug paraphernalia was found on Successor in January. It was picked up by the fire department and turned over to the Travis County Sheriff Department department.

Reported Covenant Violations

There are three horses and an uncovered horse trailer at 1807 Envoy.

There is an uncovered propane tank in the front yard at 1709 Envoy.

There is a canvas carport in the front yard at 1820 Envoy.

The next board meeting will be held Wednesday, March 19, 2008 at 2303 Improver.

Mike Hellrung will speak with the owners of the above lots in an attempt to rememdy the violations.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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