Paleface Ranch Association Annual Meeting

The 2016 Annual Meeting of the Paleface Ranch Association will be held on Saturday, September 10, 2016.  We will meet at One Chapel on Highway 71, about one mile east of the Pedernales River.  The meeting will begin at 1:30 p.m. 

We will be electing two new board members.  A solicitation notice for nomination for a board position was sent July 8, 2016. Those who responded to the solicitation are presented on the attached absentee ballot.

If you didn’t respond and are interested in serving on the board, nominations are also taken from the floor during the Annual Membership Meeting.  Please have someone prepared to nominate you from the floor.  All nominees need to have someone ready to represent you in tallying the election results (the person tallying election results cannot be a family member).  After nominations have been made, each nominee will have four minutes to tell the membership about themselves.  You might include things like: your reasons for wanting to serve on the HOA board, how long you have lived in the neighborhood, your availability to handle association matters, and/or any similar experience you may have.

We will address a proposed amendment that could increase our annual maintenance charge from $400.00 to $500.00 per lot per year. The last increase was in 2013.

Proposed Dues Increase Amendment

ARTICLE IX MAINTENANCE EXPENSE CHARGE AND MAINTENANCE FUND 9.01     Payment of the Annual Maintenance Charge.     Each Lot, without regard to Lot size, shall be subject to an Annual Maintenance Charge of Four Hundred Dollars ($400) Five Hundred Dollars ($500) per year. The amount of the Annual Maintenance Charge for each Lot may be increased or decreased from time to time but not more than once per calendar year. Any such change must be approved by the membership of the Property Owners Association by vote of not less than sixty-six percent (66%) of the votes cast with respect to a proposed change at a duly called meeting of the Association called for the purpose of amending the Annual Maintenance Charge. {Amended 9/11/1999} {Amended 4/3/2006} {Amended 9/9/2006} {Amended 9/14/2013}

 If you are unable to attend the meeting, we strongly encourage you to participate by submitting an absentee ballot or proxy form. There will be a separate proxy form for the maintenance charge/dues increase voteMailing in your absentee ballot or submitting your proxy form helps the Association achieve the quorum required for conducting business at the meeting.

 An absentee ballot is mailed to the address on the ballot. Your absentee ballot is used to vote on those board nominees, motions and amendments known in advance.

 The proxy form can be turned into to any member of the Association who will be attending the annual membership meeting.  Your proxy assigns your voting privileges to your proxy holder.  Assigning your proxy to another member allows them to vote on your behalf on all board nominations, motions, and amendments from the floor as well as those known in advance and included on the absentee ballot.

Please  bring with you a copy of the annual membership meeting agenda, the 2015 annual meeting minutes, and the proposed amendment changes which will be mailed out shortly. All will be available below or through the hyperlinks above before the meeting. The 2015 annual meeting minutes are already available under the Minutes menu above.


Your PRAI Board of Directors

Karl Hancock, President

John Wray, Vice President

Mindy Smith, Treasurer

Heather Martinez, Secretary

Steve Barker, Director

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