Thank you Volunteers!

A big thank you to Tyler O’Brien for his work over several weeks weeding the flower beds at the entrance. Thank you to Heather Martinez, Monica Hooge, Nancy Lambros, Ken Thoresen and Megan Klein for their help sweeping, mulching and trimming, to Gary Jenkins for removing the dead agaves and to the Kleins for burning them. Thank you also to Drew Brooks for recently mowing the entrance and roadsides along Oscar from the Tres Coronas intersection to the gate.

The boat ramp trees have been trimmed back by Heather Martinez and Megan Klein. The Klein kids and Jerry Miller helped drag the tree limbs down the ramp to a burn pile near the parking lot.

PLEASE stop to thank any and all neighbors you see volunteering their time to help maintain Paleface Ranch. It is their efforts that keep our Association dues low. Contact Megan Klein or anyone you see volunteering if you have some time to spare and wish to volunteer. We always have projects and love to see new faces.

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