No Oak Tree Pruning

OakWilt is a devastating disease which has killed live oak trees on seven contiguous lots within Paleface Ranch. Once oak wilt has infected a live oak, it spreads through the live oak forest via the interconnected live oak root system. As recommended by the Forest Service to halt the spread of oak wilt, in 2014 the HOA placed a trench around the known disease center, isolating the infected trees and severing the roots connecting them to healthy trees.

New disease can be introduced by sap-feeding beetles that transmit oak wilt fungal spores (from red oak trees) to open wounds on live oak trees. The Forest Service has identified red oaks infected with oak wilt in the vicinity of Paleface Ranch.

NoPruning_OakWiltThe peak of beetle activity is February through June.
DO NOT prune live oaks February through June!

YouCanHelp_OWAnytime, throughout the year, that a live oak is pruned or otherwise injured, paint wounds IMMEDIATELY. The beetles are drawn to the smell of sap and can find new wounds within as little as 10 minutes.

Educate yourself on oak wilt.

If you suspect a problem, call a certified arborist.

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