HOA Meeting 6/2/2014

The next Paleface Ranch HOA Board Meeting will take place on Monday, June 2, 2014 at 7:00 PM at 2800 Indian Divide Road. All property owners are welcome to attend board meetings.

Minutes of April Meeting
Treasurer’s Report
ACC Report
Road Maintenance Committee Report

Old Business

    Boat Ramp Parking Expansion – Demand Letter
    Highway Right Turn Lane
    Erosion Control
    PFR Sign Painting
    Covenant Violations: 23327 Likeness, 23340 Tres Coronas, 23528 Oscar
    Delinquent Association Fees
    Board / ACC Communication
    Weed Kill
    Mailbox Lighting
    Tres Coronas / Oscar Dropoff

New Business

    Front Entrance Beautification Project
    Formation of Welcoming Committee
    Trespassing Complaints – Scharrer & Gibson
    ACC Violation Complaint – Culvert
    Proposal to Clarify ACC Rules on Culverts & Driveways
    Covenant Violations: 23510 Oscar, 23916 Oscar

SPECIAL REPORT: Oak Wilt Center in Paleface Ranch

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