HOA Meeting 4/14/2014

The next Paleface Ranch HOA Board Meeting will take place on Monday, April 14, 2014 at 7:00 PM at 23802 Oscar Road. All property owners are welcome to attend board meetings.

Minutes of February Meeting
Treasurer’s Report
ACC Committee Report
Road Maintenance Committee Report

Old Business

  • Boat Ramp Parking Expansion Project
  • Highway Turn Lane
  • Refinishing Old Package Boxes
  • CrackFill / Chip Seal Quotes
  • Oscar Road Sign
  • Erosion Control on Replica
  • Package Box Keychains
  • Entry Cleanup
  • PFR Sign Painting
  • Notes about cutting cedar trees & trespassing & barking dogs
  • Minutes from 1994-2005 PDFs on website
  • Covenant Violations

New Business

  • Long-term Delinquent HOA Dues
  • ACC/Board check on new construction application
  • Weed kill along roads
  • Mailbox Lighting
  • Drop off at corner of Tres Coronas & Oscar
  • Covenant Violations?
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