Paleface Ranch Garage Sale

Saturday, November 9th @ 7:30AM until everything sells!

Participants will set up their tables all in ONE LOCATION – near the entrance at the corner of Tres & Oscar on Sue Bennett’s vacant lot.

The idea of staging in one area is beneficial for several reasons. Buyers won’t have to drive through the entire subdivision to find sellers. If a neighbor has only a few items to sell he/she can just bring their own table or two but have the larger gathering as enticement for shoppers to stop. It’ll be a good opportunity to socialize with your neighbors.

So far we have 5-6 sellers with a few others thinking about it. This is a good time to purge your closets! Come and join us for a fun day.

Contact Sue Bennett with any questions: 512-264-9933

The sale will be advertised on Craigslist, at Paleface Grocery and Hollingsworth Corner grocery. Signs will be posted on our bulletin board and at the street, beginning Monday, Nov 4th.

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